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Intellectual property strategies for startups

Intellectual property protection is an important consideration for most startups. Obtaining intellectual property protection, such as patents, can minimize competition and act as a defensive mechanism

Companies expect IP theft to rise in the next year, according to a new survey from Deloitte

Intellectual property theft may not be discussed as much as data breaches that see customers’ credit card and other personally identifiable information stolen by hackers. But online theft of IP is

Legislating noncompetes

The battle over noncompetes is a modern-day rendition of an age-old trope: the big corporation versus the little employee; Goliath versus David. The only difference? In the fable, Goliath was brutish

Why startups need a defensive IP strategy

One of the things I really love about working with startup founders is that they are by nature an optimistic crowd: They set out to build amazing things, change the world and fundamentally shift the w

A prescription for preventing 3D printing piracy

In the year 2000, the music business was still strong. Record companies produced albums and shipped these physical objects to the stores that sold them. The internet was slowly becoming a system of ma

Blockai uses the blockchain to help artists protect their intellectual property

While most of the discussions around blockchain have focused on its possible uses in finance, startup Blockai is looking at something different — helping artists, photographers and other creators re

What Are My Patents Worth?

We enter 2016 with some mixed signals regarding the value of patents for technology companies. Many are preaching a death of patent rights and are questioning whether to invest in patents. Will patent

The Sabermetrics Arms Race: Scouting In The Age Of Cyber Signal Stealing

In my favorite episode of “Seinfeld,” George Costanza’s boss with the Yankees, Mr. Wilhelm, notices that some shoes, bases, helmets and batting doughnuts have gone missing. After noting suspicio

The Best Times To Get A Grip On Your Startup’s IP

What’s a tech startup’s most valuable asset? It’s not the seed money. It’s not the workspace. And it’s definitely not the espresso machine or Ping Pong table. The priceless heart of a promis

Swipe To Patent: Design Patents In The Age Of User Interfaces

User experience and user-interface design is an emerging field in the technology industry, even more so in the legal world of patents. (Sometimes this field is known by the shorthand UX/UI.) It might

Zhiguoguo, Which Lets Chinese Companies Register Trademarks For Free, Raises $3.7M Series A

Protecting intellectual property in China is notoriously difficult, even though the country is trying to set up legal safeguards to aid emerging industries. Zhiguoguo wants to help businesses preserve

Traklight Raises $350,000 To Help Businesses Protect Intellectual Property

Traklight, a cloud-based software platform that tracks and protects intellectual property, announced today that it has raised $350,000 in angel funding from private investors including Astia Angels. T

Russia Gears Up To Enter The Patent Race With New IP Reforms. Will It Kickstart Startups?

Russia's government is looking to reform intellectual property law in the country, a move that could have an effect on how many patents get registered, and on the number of startups in a country known

Lawmakers have no idea what they're talking about when it comes to technology

<img src="" />Oh. My. God. Over in the <a HREF="">UK</a>, they're in the process of passing the Digita

When To Take On Facebook, American Idol Or Virgin Mobile In An IP Fight

<img src="" width="215" height="172" /> In my recent post on how <a href="../2009/12/19/stealth-startupsget-over-yourselves

Bush doctrine for piracy: More laws! And a czar!

Really, though — who doesn’t like czars? Although the czars of today are a far cry from their imperial namesakes, they are still in positions of great power and presumed authority. I can&#