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Amazon Studios To Produce Original Films For Theatrical Release

Amazon Studios is apparently so happy with what it has accomplished in short, TV-style content that it is branching out to film – the creative wing of the ecommerce giant announced today that it wil

Amazon Now Offering 4K Streaming For Movies And TV Shows On Prime Instant Video

Amazon has upped its streaming game, offering up 4K or Ultra HD resolution for certain movies and TV titles to Prime subscribers via Amazon Instant Video. The content available in Ultra HD includes Am

Amazon Instant Video Suffered Long, Unexplained Outage Last Night

At the end of last year, Netflix suffered a prolonged outage because Amazon’s cloud services, which Netflix uses to host most of its infrastructure, went down. At the time, Amazon’s own vi

Amazon’s Exclusive Deal With Turner And Warner Bros. Brings Two Top TNT Shows To Amazon Instant Video

Following <a href="">last week's move</a> to bring its Instant V

Amazon Puts Instant Video On iPhone And iPod Touch, Cloud Player Music On Roku And Samsung Smart TVs

Amazon has announced a number of new platform expansions for its streaming media services today, including Cloud Player apps for Samsung Smart TVs and Roku set top boxes, as well as dedicated Amazon I

Amazon Partners With EPIX, Brings 3,000 More Titles To Prime Instant Video

Amazon's steady growth in building up its Amazon Prime Instant Video collection continues today with yet another deal with a content provider: this time, EPIX, a newer, premium channel with access to

Amazon Prime Instant Video Beefs Up Sports And Documentary Content, Adds ESPN’s 30 For 30 Film Series

Amazon continues to ramp up the content in its Amazon Prime film catalog to draw users to the premium service, with the latest licensing acquisition expanding its back catalog of sports and documentar

Amazon Instant Video Comes to Xbox 360

Amazon just <a href="">announced</a> that its Instant Video service is now <a href="

Amazon Partners With Paramount, Brings Hundreds More Movies To Prime Instant Video Service

Amazon is continuing to grow its collection of streaming video titles at Amazon Prime Instant Video, and is today announcing another new agreement with Paramount Pictures bringing "hundreds" of new mo