Amazon’s Exclusive Deal With Turner And Warner Bros. Brings Two Top TNT Shows To Amazon Instant Video

Following last week’s move to bring its Instant Video service to iOS devices, Amazon is today expanding its content library yet again with two more licensing deals, this time with Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) and Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution. However, unlike some previous deals which see dozens or sometimes thousands of titles added in one fell swoop, today’s deals offer more incremental progress in terms of scope.

Specifically, the deals bring just two more series to Amazon’s Prime Instant Video Catalog: the TNT sci-fi drama Falling Skies and the TNT series The Closer. But Amazon characterizes these deals as “exclusive” when making the announcement, which is notable. Currently Neflix carries both shows, but only as DVDs.

All seven seasons of the Kyra Sedgwick-starring police procedural The Closer, which aired from 2005 to August 2012, is included in Amazon’s Instant Video catalog, as will be all future seasons of Falling Skies. The seasons become available for streaming after they wrap. Falling Skies, which stars former ER vet Noah Wyle, was renewed this summer for a third season.

Amazon had previously announced a larger Warner Bros. deal this July, which brought in a number of other popular shows including The West Wing, Fringe, Dark Blue, Alcatraz and The Whole Truth. At the time, Amazon’s catalog offered 18,000 movies and TV episodes for streaming purposes, and 120,000 titles available for rent or purchase. It has since added content from EPIX as well as ESPN. Earlier in the year, content from Paramount and MGM was also added.

Today, Amazon says its Instant Video catalog has grown to over 30,000 titles, and over 145,000 titles are now available for rent or purchase. Titles can be played on a variety of devices, including iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Roku, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and the Wii U. (Yes, iPad – although Amazon only announced support for iPhone and iPod touch at the time of the app’s debut, the iOS version runs on iPad as well, albeit sans AirPlay support.)