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Zūm Rails takes in first capital to launch new banking-as-a-service, FedNow offerings

Zūm Rails manages the flow of money by verifying a customer’s identity, linking directly with bank accounts and facilitating payments via the method of the customer’s choosing.

FedNow will expose fintech’s gaps: Compliance-by-design can help banks avoid risk

The best financial technologies will be those created through the lens of regulatory limitations — a compliance by design approach.

FedNow is finally live in the US

The U.S. government’s instant payment system, FedNow Service, went live this week.  Here’s a quick refresher on what that is: FedNow is an instant payment infrastructure for transferring money th

Latin America’s digital transformation is making up for lost time

If we look beyond the data at the bigger picture instead of searching for mythical creatures, the promise of digitalization in Latin America is clear.