UK broadband giant BT agrees to legal separation from pipes-controller, Openreach

Startups in the U.K. will be hoping for better performance from the local broadband market after telecoms regulator Ofcom agreed to a deal with the country's largest broadband provider, BT, to legally

Facebook digs into mobile infrastructure in Uganda, TIP aims $170M to startups

While Google is using MWC to show off some of its advances in native apps on mobile devices — specifically in chat apps — the world’s biggest chat app company is doing something comp

The value of venture capital investors and the importance of physical infrastructure

Why is it important to invest via VCs, and do they add value further to the money they invest into a growth business? Furthermore, what role do physical transport links play in terms of business succe

Most pressing infrastructure needs do not require federal money or approval

President-elect Trump has called for a trillion dollars in infrastructure investment, but he wants the private sector to play a critical role. Fortunately, one of our nation’s immediate infrastructu

President-elect Trump: It’s time for the art of the new deal

New jobs are going to come from technology, not traditional manufacturing. California can lead in building a new economy.

Protecting America’s critical infrastructure must remain a priority

America’s dependence on technology and web-based communication has forever changed the way government functions at every level. But it’s not only highly sensitive data and intellectual property th

The next investments in infrastructure should include more than roads and bridges

Reed Hundt Contributor Reed Hundt is the founder and chief executive of the Coalition for Green Capital, and was the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission from 1993 to 1997. While both pol

How chief information officers become chief innovation officers

In the early 1900s, large organizations needed another type of CEO: Chief Electricity Officer. Before there was an accessible and reliable power grid to plug into, organizations that needed electricit

Microsoft and Facebook are building the fastest trans-Atlantic cable yet

Here is some news you don’t read every day: Microsoft and Facebook today announced that they are teaming up to build a subsea cable across the Atlantic that will connect Virginia Beach, Virginia

INNOVATE2016: New infrastructure is the key to economic recovery

New roads (rather than new walls) are, therefore, the key to reinventing the American economy.

Google Invests In $300M Submarine Cable To Improve Connection Between Japan And The US

Google today announced that it is joining a consortium of five other companies to build and operate FASTER, a new trans-Pacific cable system that will connect Japan to the west coast of the U.S. with

Cisco Is Buying Ubiquisys For $310M For A Big Move Into Mobile Coverage With Femtocells And Small Cells

<a target="_blank" href="">Cisco</a> has just <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> that it is buying UK-

ZTE Posts Second Straight Net Loss Of $183M In Q4 On Emerging Market Woes

As it already warned, ZTE posted its second-straight quarterly loss, due to vastly trimmed margins in emerging markets, as well as contract delays and falling handset sales in China. It made a net los

JDSU Buys Arieso For $85M In Cash To Boost Its Mobile Network Business

This morning, <a target="_blank" href="">JDSU</a>, a specialist in optical networking software, announced that it would pay $85 million in cash to acquire <a t

Wikimedia Brings The Wikipedia Approach To How It Runs Its Servers

Wikipedia and all of its related projects are obviously driven by the work of thousands of volunteers. Interestingly, though, while Wikipedia runs on top of an open-source stack, it's been traditional

O2 Plans Free, Nation-wide Wi-Fi Network In The UK: Jealous?

<img src="" />Kudos to O2, the Telefónica-owned mobile operator, for planning a country-wide <i>free</i> Wi-Fi network. That country just

Curbside car chargers should start showing up next year

<img src="" />Given the limited range in fully electric cars, charging points are going to be an important part of the infrastructure i

High-speed trains in America one step closer to reality

It looks like the U.S. is well on its way to becoming a modern Western country after all. Congressional leaders are trying to find funding for high-speed passenger trains, one of which would take peop

Fast: New Japanese Maglev trains to travel some 500 km/h

Current Japanese “bullet trains” can travel at an average speed of 300 km/h (188 mph). Recent proposals could mean that we’ll be looking at trains with average speeds of 500 km/h (310 mph).

Report: broadband gridlock 'like whoa' by 2010

If y’all don’t stop downloading funny YouTube videos and consuming bandwidth, the Internet may experience gridlock the likes of which it’s never seen before. According to Nemertes Re