Overclock Labs bets on Kubernetes to help companies automate their cloud infrastructure

Overclock Labs wants to make it easier for developers to deploy and manage their applications across clouds. To do so, the company is building tools to automate distributed cloud infrastructure and, u

OpenStack’s next mission: bridging the gaps between open source projects

OpenStack, the massive open source project that provides large businesses with the software tools to run their data center infrastructure, is now almost eight years old. While it had its ups and downs

The Trump team has failed to address the nation’s mounting cybersecurity threats

Government civilian and military agencies had a 90-day deadline to review and assess their cybersecurity status and propose improvements. Eight deadlines related to this have come and gone, and mor

Why Dropbox decided to drop AWS and build its own infrastructure and network

There is always a tension inside companies about whether to build or to buy, whatever the need. A few years ago Dropbox decided it was going to move the majority of its infrastructure requirements fro

Inflect’s infrastructure marketplace adds 30 new service providers and 2,200 data center and peering locations

Inflect, a San Francisco-based startup that wants to make it easier for businesses to find the right co-location facilities, network service and exchange providers, today announced that it has added o

More than half of major malware attack’s victims are industrial targets

A new report examining the targets and intended effects of this week's massive malware attack comes up with some significant insights. The attack, initially believed to be a variation of commercial ma

Facebook launches telco infrastructure accelerator with Orange

Back in February, the Facebook -led Telecom Infrastructure Project led a call to put $170 million into startups focusing on solutions to improve infrastructure: the switching technologies, engineerin

Mirantis launches its new OpenStack and Kubernetes cloud platform

Mirantis, one of the earliest players in the OpenStack ecosystem, today announced that it will end-of-life Mirantis OpenStack support in September 2019. The Mirantis Cloud Platform, which combines Ope

Tizeti is bringing wireless internet to urban Africa

A new company called Tizeti, which is launching in the latest batch of startups to come from Y Combinator, is proposing a simple solution to the connectivity problem... Build more towers, more cheaply

UK broadband giant BT agrees to legal separation from pipes-controller, Openreach

Startups in the U.K. will be hoping for better performance from the local broadband market after telecoms regulator Ofcom agreed to a deal with the country's largest broadband provider, BT, to legally

Facebook digs into mobile infrastructure in Uganda, TIP aims $170M to startups

While Google is using MWC to show off some of its advances in native apps on mobile devices — specifically in chat apps — the world’s biggest chat app company is doing something comp

The value of venture capital investors and the importance of physical infrastructure

Why is it important to invest via VCs, and do they add value further to the money they invest into a growth business? Furthermore, what role do physical transport links play in terms of business succe

Most pressing infrastructure needs do not require federal money or approval

President-elect Trump has called for a trillion dollars in infrastructure investment, but he wants the private sector to play a critical role. Fortunately, one of our nation’s immediate infrastructu

President-elect Trump: It’s time for the art of the new deal

New jobs are going to come from technology, not traditional manufacturing. California can lead in building a new economy.

Protecting America’s critical infrastructure must remain a priority

America’s dependence on technology and web-based communication has forever changed the way government functions at every level. But it’s not only highly sensitive data and intellectual property th

The next investments in infrastructure should include more than roads and bridges

Reed Hundt Contributor Reed Hundt is the founder and chief executive of the Coalition for Green Capital, and was the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission from 1993 to 1997. While both pol

How chief information officers become chief innovation officers

In the early 1900s, large organizations needed another type of CEO: Chief Electricity Officer. Before there was an accessible and reliable power grid to plug into, organizations that needed electricit

Microsoft and Facebook are building the fastest trans-Atlantic cable yet

Here is some news you don’t read every day: Microsoft and Facebook today announced that they are teaming up to build a subsea cable across the Atlantic that will connect Virginia Beach, Virginia

INNOVATE2016: New infrastructure is the key to economic recovery

New roads (rather than new walls) are, therefore, the key to reinventing the American economy.

Google Invests In $300M Submarine Cable To Improve Connection Between Japan And The US

Google today announced that it is joining a consortium of five other companies to build and operate FASTER, a new trans-Pacific cable system that will connect Japan to the west coast of the U.S. with
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