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  • Indie developers ditch controllers for real-life interactions

    If there’s one thing E3 was not short of, it was controllers. Thousands of the things! Xbox controllers, Dual Shock controllers, third party controllers, motion controllers. But at Indiecade, an independent games showcase at the show, developers devised a variety of ways to play with no controller at all, making digital games charmingly analog. Read More

  • Devolver Digital co-founder Mike Wilson on becoming the “Sub Pop for games”

    Devolver Digital co-founder Mike Wilson on becoming the “Sub Pop for games”

    “Doom was made by six dudes in six months. And that’s where we are again — it’s come full circle.” That’s Mike Wilson, the founder of Devolver Digital, a game publisher that’s made a name for itself by finding the smallest and weirdest, yet most promising indie games out there. Read More

  • What Games Are: Worrying About Indie Games Crunch Network

    What Games Are: Worrying About Indie Games

    It’s been great times for indie games over the last few years, a true golden age compared to what went before. Yet I’m very worried that the great times are over and that – on multiple fronts – the forces of darkness are closing in. Are indie games about to go through a contraction, a difficult phase and a period of being disempowered once more? Read More

  • What Games Are: The Power Conversation Crunch Network

    What Games Are: The Power Conversation

    Given the degree to which graphics have not changed over the last few years in high-end games, it’s surprising how strong the idea of graphical power remains in the games industry. Gamers are still hotly arguing over which games look best on which console, yet they are doing so over increasingly ephemeral details. Will this power conversation always dominate the gaming medium, or will… Read More

  • What Games Are: The March Of The Muggles Crunch Network

    What Games Are: The March Of The Muggles

    It’s easy to consign tablet and mobile gaming to the lamestream and feel that there’s a detente between that and the more core gaming platforms. However this is both shortsighted and naive. There’s a deep reason why users are moving over to simpler platforms, one that can’t be ignored. For game developers, for everyone really, learning how to engage with a more… Read More

  • The Gameplay Is The Gameplay. Always.

    The Gameplay Is The Gameplay. Always.

    Most of the talk around games tends to focus on climate. It’s about finding the right customers, funding, platform, business model, partnerships, metric and discovery solutions, technology, route to market and so on. However every always says that the first rule of making games is to make sure that the game is fun. Without a fun game there’s no rule two. True, but what does… Read More

  • A Visit To The Indie Games Pavilion At E3

    IndieGames supports indie game developers by showcasing them at various events and putting them in front of the big boys. The results? Cooler gameplay, exciting new titles, and lots of fun. Yesterday we played some of the coolest indie games we’ve ever seen including the Rogue-like Desktop Dungeons and Q.U.B.E., a game that is reminiscent of Portal but completely different. Take a look… Read More

  • CrunchArcade indie game preview roundup

    Checking a few indie game blogs, I ran across some excellent-looking games coming out soon for PSN and XBLA. These micropublishing platforms have been extremely good for the indie games community, which is thriving. It’s also good for us gamers: for instance, I just finished Zeno Clash and it was extremely refreshing. Check out these three awesome trailers. Read More

  • Get your PC Braid on! March 31st is the day

    Perhaps the last year’s most consistently well-reviewed game, Braid has been stuck on the 360 for some time now. Now why should that be? Well, I guess they didn’t want a 90% piracy rate like World of Goo. Can’t blame ’em. In any case, the platforming puzzler is coming to the PC at the end of March. You can pre-order it here. Already played it? Here are some indie… Read More