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Impulse Space wants to open up far away orbits with Helios kick stage

Impulse Space revealed more details today about its next product, a high-energy kick stage called Helios, that could make getting to geosynchronous orbit cheaper than ever before. The vast majority of

What we’re looking forward to seeing from the space industry in 2024

It was a jaw-dropping year for the space industry, and while we all know by now that progress isn’t linear, we feel pretty confident that 2024 will be even more astonishing. This year was tough for

Impulse Space is flying high with new funding led by RTX Ventures

Impulse Space, the space logistics startup headed by founding SpaceX employee Tom Mueller, has closed a new tranche of funding to further develop its line of orbital transportation vehicles. The overs

Impulse Space will hitch a ride on SpaceX’s Transporter-9 for first mission later this year

In-space transportation startup Impulse Space will head to orbit aboard a SpaceX ride-share mission later this year, as it seeks to prove out its orbital maneuvering and servicing technology for the f

Max Q: Off the bench

In this issue of Max Q: A profile of one of the foremost experts of space propulsion; deep dive into the history of NASA's Landsat; news from Masten Space

SpaceX’s CTO of propulsion retired. Now he wants to go to Mars.

Tom Mueller is a self-described race car guy. Upon retiring from his role as CTO of Propulsion at SpaceX in November 2020, he “mostly wanted to go racing and ride dirt bikes and travel,” he sa

Relativity and Impulse want to go to Mars as early as 2024

Relativity Space, a 3D-printed rocket startup that’s planning its first orbital test launch this year, said Tuesday that it is planning to send a Mars lander and rover vehicle made by Impulse Space