• Google Acquires Emu, An IM Client With Siri-Like Intelligence

    Google Acquires Emu, An IM Client With Siri-Like Intelligence

    Google has acquired Emu, a new mobile messaging application that just exited beta earlier this year. Emu was at heart an IM client, but it differentiated itself from the crowded market with smart features that incorporated a virtual assistant not unlike Siri to automate tasks based on your conversations – meaning you could do things like schedule appointments to your calendar, set… Read More

  • That Was Fast: Facebook’s Web/Mobile Chat Feature Is Now Getting Rolled Out Globally

    That Was Fast: Facebook’s Web/Mobile Chat Feature Is Now Getting Rolled Out Globally

    Yesterday, we wrote about a new Facebook feature that was getting spotted by a few users showing them when their online friends were on web or mobile versions of Facebook. We were told by Facebook that it was a test. Now, Facebook says it is getting rolled out globally. Read More

  • Skype Reaches A 45M Concurrent User Peak, And What Looks Like A New Stage Of Momentum

    Skype Reaches A 45M Concurrent User Peak, And What Looks Like A New Stage Of Momentum

    In case you thought Skype may be slowing down while settling into being a part of Microsoft and recently celebrating its ninth birthday, here are some numbers that seem to indicate otherwise: Last week, Skype reached a new peak of 45,469,977 concurrent users online, part of a strong run for the peer-to-peer voice/video/chat service this year. Overall it has seen an increase of 70% so far… Read More

  • QuicklyChat Brings “Push-To-Talk” Video To Small, Remote Teams

    QuicklyChat Brings “Push-To-Talk” Video To Small, Remote Teams

    QuicklyChat, a Y Combinator-backed startup participating in the Summer 2012 program, has an interesting take on video conferencing. With its newly launched solution designed for small teams working remotely, QuicklyChat is trying to bring back ad hoc conversations, which are still the most valuable aspect to the in-office work environment. With its “push-to-talk” video chat… Read More

  • Newly Launched IM+ Video Lets You Video Chat With Facebook Friends

    Newly Launched IM+ Video Lets You Video Chat With Facebook Friends

    SHAPE Services, makers of the popular, cross-platform IM+ mobile instant messaging applications, is today launching its first video chatting app: IM+ Video. The new app, available here on iTunes, lets you video and voice call with your Facebook friends – and not just those using IM+. Read More

  • 2010: The year instant messaging finally died?

    Has Twitter killed instant messaging? That’s one possible explanation for the sudden and precipitous drop in instant message traffic in the past few years. A recent study shows that Britons spent an entire 14 percent of the online-time instant messaging back in 2007. Now? That number is a paltry 5 percent. Is IM dead, dying, or merely going through growing pains? Read More

  • eBuddy Debuts Premium iPhone App

    Nearly five months after launching a free, ad-supported application for iPhone and iPod Touch, eBuddy is today introducing a paid version of the program, which enables users to communicate with contacts across various instant messaging clients. Priced at $4.99 (iTunes link), which in my opinion is fairly expensive, the app lets you chat with friends on Facebook Chat, ICQ, Gtalk, AIM… Read More

  • The Top Ten Twitter Apps On The iPhone Among Early Adopters

    What are the top Twitter apps on the iPhone? It’s hard to say because the iTunes store doesn’t have a Twitter category (Twitter apps are lumped in under “Social Networking). But AppsFire, the iPhone app sharing service, might have an answer—at least for the early adopter crowd who tend to use AppsFire (i.e. people like you, dear reader). AppsFire looks at apps… Read More

  • IM+ 3.4 to support Speech Recognition for Twitter and IM (for a price)

    Unlike some people around these parts, I loves me some Twitter (psst, follow me.) Thing is, just about every time I get a chance to tweet, I can’t. Maybe my hands are covered in grease as I’m stuffing my face with a delicious burger; maybe I just don’t want to come home from a long day of blogging and have to squeeze my thoughts into 140 characters with my iPhone’s… Read More

  • Nimbuzz releases app for Android and research into use of IM

    Dutch startup Nimbuzz , which bills itself as the “mobile Skype” have just announced an IM application for Android phones which ties together multiple messaging tools (Skype, MSM, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, etc.) via a single interface. The app is now available for download. The Nimbuzz trump card is Skype VOIP. Unfortunately the Android app doesn’t yet include this but it… Read More

  • IM Wars: AIM for iPhone grows up, gets paid version

    While there may still be a lot of confusion surrounding the future of AOL, that didn’t stop the folks in Northern Virginia from recently overhauling their popular AIM instant messaging app for iPhone (and iPod touch). Available in two tasty flavors, free (“AIM Free”) and paid (“AIM Paid”), AIM 2.0 for iPhone now provides SMS notifications, has location-aware… Read More

  • Review: IM+ for Android

    IM+ is an application created by ShapeServices, which aims to replace the instant messaging application that comes out of the box with Android. Hoping that there were some differences between the 7-day trial and the paid version, we bit the bullet and plopped down the 20 dollars (well, $19.95) on this app to see how it really is, so you wouldn’t have to. The verdict? Save your cash. Read More

  • BeeJiveIM hits the iPhone App Store, rocks your face off

    If you’re a devoted IM’er and have owned a BlackBerry or a pre-App-Store iPhone, you probably know of BeeJive – or at least know it by its previous name, Jivetalk. Their BlackBerry IM solution is generally considered the best IM offering on the platform, and the BeeJive iPhone Web App nailed out a solid instant messaging solution long before full blown third party… Read More

  • Cisco Picks Up Jabber for Collaboration, IM

    Cisco announced today that it has acquired Jabber, an open-source IM and presence protocol used by Google Talk and Gizmo, for an undisclosed sum. Cisco will try to use Jabber as a means of improving its messaging offerings in the business world. Jabber’s technology enables collaboration across a wide array of presence systems such as, Microsoft Office Communications Server, IBM… Read More

  • Skype speaks IM with Expressivo

    Expressivo 1.4.2 from IVO Software integrates speaking capability into Skype functions. As Skype has grown from just a cheap way to make calls, they have added features such as IM and video calling. Now, with Expressivo, Skype has the ability to inform users when friends log in without having to check the screen. While Skype can now read instant messages, it can’t receive dictation. Read More

  • VTech's latest landline phone does IM

    People with landline phones take notice for VTech has announced something pretty cool. Their latest cordless phone, the IS6110, does IM between phones and comes with a QWERTY keyboard. When the base unit is plugged into your PC via USB you can chat over MSN, Windows Live and AIM. The IS6110 retails for $100 and is available at Best Buy. Read More

  • Facebook Chat launches: Built-in IM handy but should be optional

    Did you hear the awesome news? Facebook Chat launched at the weekend for some folks, myself included. Apparently the rollout is on a network-by-network basis, and one of mine, NYU, was a big winner. You can read how great it is on Facebook itself or any one of the fan sites, but I’ll tell you what about it annoyed me. First, the implementation, on a UI level, bothers me. The app… Read More

  • Yet another claim that e-mail is dead

    “E-mail is so dead,” said the Slate writer, “that I have to tell the world how old I feel.” Seemingly every other day, we read studies suggesting that e-mail is dying, not with a bang, but with a whimper. Kids have all but abandoned it, preferring IM and Facebook and txt messaging. So it goes, why wait minutes for a reply when I can send a txt to, say, John, and get a… Read More

  • Skype and MySpace in cahoots

    MySpace users will soon be able to call and/or instant message anyone else on the network with the click of a button, thanks to Skype. The service will be called "MySpace IM" and will be rolled out in November, although there’s a Beta version available now. It looks similar to AOL’s popular Instant Messenger program. This news comes not a moment too soon the for two… Read More

  • T-Mobile Officially Announces Sidekick Slide

    About a week ago, we got to sit down with T-Mobile and play with the Sidekick Slide, Sidekick LX and a few other upcoming devices. Unfortunately, due to an embargo, we couldn’t utter a peep – until today. The Sidekick Slide will be available October 24th, in case you somehow didn’t know, and will cost $199 with a two-year contract. It’s the first time Motorola has tried… Read More

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