• Galaxy Nexus Gets The iFixit Teardown Treatment

    Galaxy Nexus Gets The iFixit Teardown Treatment

    I’ve spent what seems like months obsessing over every little bit of Galaxy Nexus minutiae that’s crossed the wire, and what better to celebrate its (hopefully) impending launch than to watch one get torn apart? That’s right folks — iFixit is at it yet again, and this time it’s the GSM Galaxy Nexus that’s going under the knife. Read More

  • Show Off Your iPhone’s Guts With iFixit’s Cyber Monday Deal

    Show Off Your iPhone’s Guts With iFixit’s Cyber Monday Deal

    When Cyber Monday rolls around, everyone’s eyes dart to the big boys like Amazon and Newegg for cheap goods, but niche retailers have their own deals too. Case in point: the DIY repair nuts at iFixit have whipped together a nifty bundle for aspiring iPhone modders who would like to see the fruits of Apple’s design savvy instead of an opaque black panel. Read More

  • iFixit Tears Apart The Droid RAZR, Reveals Incredible Innards

    iFixit Tears Apart The Droid RAZR, Reveals Incredible Innards

    The Droid RAZR was only just released today, but silly things like release dates don’t mean anything to the folks at iFixit. In a strange departure from their usual process, they’ve taken a giant knife to Motorola’s latest and greatest to show us all exactly what’s lurking under the hood. Read More

  • iFixIt Launches Dozuki, A Cloud Service For Manuals

    iFixIt Launches Dozuki, A Cloud Service For Manuals

    iFixIt, known for their Apple upgrade guides and supplies, is branching out into cloud services for hardware, appliance, and chemical manufacturers. The new project, called Dozuki, is currently in beta and it aims to streamline the process of technical documentation by creating a Wiki-like environment for documentation and how-tos. The company has been testing their software with Make Magazine… Read More

  • Teardown Of New 13″ MacBook Air Finds Almost No Differences From Old Model

    Teardown Of New 13″ MacBook Air Finds Almost No Differences From Old Model

    The traditional “splaying of the device” has been performed successfully on the new MacBook Air by the teardown experts and hand models at iFixit. The most user-relevant finding appears to be that the SSD module is user-replaceable — i.e. Apple hasn’t seen fit to physically bond it to the motherboard. Yet. Apart from that and some minor layout changes to accommodate… Read More

  • iFixit Tears Apart A FBI GPS Tracking Device — Really

    Ever wonder what sort of space age technology the FBI tracks people with? Well, as iFixit found during a special teardown, space age sort of properly describes the equipment if the term space age refers to 1990-ish equipment. I won’t spoil all the fun (like the 20 year battery life) partly because I wanna get this story posted quickly and go give my car a thorough pat down for any… Read More

  • iFixit Tears Apart The New iMacs, Warns Of Deadly Thunderbolts (Not Really)

    The best part of the iFixit teardowns — besides the gadget pr0n — are the notes found on the last step. iFixit grades the given product in terms of its repairability and then comments on the highlights. The new iMac scored 7 out of 10 where 10 is the easiest to repair. iFixit notes that while it’s relatively easy to disassemble the iMac, “Making the LCD and glass… Read More

  • Show Off Your iPhone 4's Innards With This Clear Back Panel From iFixit

    The cool cats over at iFixit are best known for their gadget teardowns and how-to guides, but they also sell accessories and tools. Their latest is a clear backplate for the iPhone 4. Now, this is a DIY sort of thing and will require the buyer to install the $29.99 piece. But don’t fret! iFixit has excellent guides and instructions so installition should be trivial. Note: this… Read More

  • iFixit Tears Apart The Nikon D5100, Warns Of "4 Billion Screws"

    There are some electronics that are totally worth fixing yourself. Most modern electronics aren’t, though. But you still do it anyway for shits and giggles. Then there are DSLRs — or in this case, the new Nikon D5100. You’d have to be John Biggs-crazy to tear this thing apart. Read More

  • iFixit Tears Apart The PlayBook

    It’s the newest tradition in gadget journalism: get the latest device and break it to pieces on camera neatly and systematically, then arrange all the pieces in a little display, noting the most interesting bits. The PlayBook has just gotten the iFixit treatment. Read More

  • iFixit Tears Down The….Apple Smart Cover

    Sigh. Here we go. iFixit just did its thing on the iPad 2 Smart Cover. Yep, they tore down the cover and found that a whooping 31 magnets are used between the cover itself and the iPad 2 to hold the cover in place — ten in the iPad and 21 in the cover. So there you have it. Lots and lots of magnets. God’s little magically wonders. iFixit Read More

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