iFixit Confirms Why The HTC One M8 Ships With A Stellar Warranty

John Biggs said it best yesterday: “Come For The Styling, Stay For The Warranty“. Perhaps one of the best reasons to buy the new HTC One is the screen warranty, which iFixit just confirmed by awarding the new smartphone with a 2 out of 10 on its repairability scale.

iFixit is a DIY gadget repair firm that among other things, grades the amount of work needed to repair a gadget. The new HTC One received a 2, citing the sheer amount of work needed to remove the back panel and the amount of tape, adhesive and cooper shielding covering the internal components. For reference, the iPhone 5s earned a 6.

But HTC doesn’t expect its users to repair their devices. That’s why the One M8 has the best factory warranty currently offered.

The phone ships with six months of cracked screen protection. The buyer doesn’t have to buy a protection plan, either. It comes standard and is unmatched in the industry.

By all measures the HTC One M8 is a fine phone, but the company’s backing is what really stands out. As iFixit demonstrated, consumers cannot fix the phone themselves and by constructing the phone as such, HTC has relegated itself to charging forward with new devices rather than supporting older ones. If your new HTC One breaks a year from now, HTC wants you to buy a new device, not fix your old one.

Sounds familiar.