Apple previews the Apple Books app replacing iBooks on iOS this fall

First previewed during WWDC, Apple has just given us another peek at the iBooks revamp (a version of which has been floating around for some time now). Apple Books is launching on iOS during the fall.

Apple could be redesigning the iBooks app

Book publishing in the digital age

With Thought Catalog, we mastered producing short-form writing for the web. We wanted a new challenge. We hoped to build a counterweight to Thought Catalog's trendy digital brand with a more contempla

Apple’s iBooks StoryTime app for Apple TV will read to your kids

Apple on Thursday released a new Apple TV application called iBooks StoryTime that brings children’s books to the TV’s big screen. Kids can flip through the pages of the books on their ow

Apple launches Enhanced Editions of “A Game of Thrones” on iBooks

Apple today announced the launch of “Enhanced Editions” for George R. R. Martin’s series, “A Game of Thrones,” beginning with the author’s first title, “A So

iBooks and iTunes Movies ordered closed in China by government regulator, just six months after launch

The New York Times reports that a government regulator forced the closure of iBooks Store and iTunes Movies in China last week. The two services launched there in September, along with Apple Music (wh

Apple loses e-books price-fixing appeal in U.S. Supreme Court

Apple looks to have come to the end of the road in a long running legal saga involving allegations of an e-books price inflating conspiracy.

Harry Potter Enhanced Books Come To iBooks With Exclusive Animations And Author Notes

If you love Harry Potter as much as I do, today's news will be yet another opportunity to read the seven books all over again. For the first time, Apple is <a target="_blank" href="http://www.apple.co

Apple Music, iTunes Movies And iBooks Launches In China

China is already Apple’s largest market for app downloads and the company hopes consumers will be just as eager to try out Apple Music. The streaming music service launched there today, along with i

Apple Brings iBooks Textbooks And iTunes U Course Manager To New International Markets

The race for the future of the education market is on, and Apple has increasing competition from device makers and service providers like Samsung and Amazon. Cupertino isn’t slacking, however, a

Apple Updates iTunes U, iBooks App And Store With iOS 7 Design

Apple has finally updated its iBooks app and store with an iOS 7-inspired design. The app was the last of Apple’s iOS stores to retain the older iOS 6 design, as both the iTunes Store and App St

Apple’s e-Book Market Share On The Rise, Desktop OS X iBooks Launch Should Help

Apple has been quietly growing its share of the U.S. e-book market according to its testimony during the current e-book price fixing court case against it, and now accounts for 20 percent of e-book sa

Apple’s iBooks App Comes To The OS X Desktop

Apple has just announced the availability of iBooks, Apple's 1.8 million title online bookstore, on their new version of OS X, Mavericks. The new app will allow you to read purchased books and textboo

Apple Highlights Self-Published Authors, Frames iBooks As A Viable Kindle Direct Publishing Alternative

Apple has collected a selection of self-published titles on the iBookstore under a new "Breakout Books" section. The section is intended to give special attention to "emerging talents," according to A

Apple Pushes iBooks 3.0 Update Live, Comes With Kindle-Like Features And Vertical Scrolling

Apple's iBooks 3.0 update just went out via the App Store, bringing the features it demoed on stage at the special Apple event earlier today. That brings iCloud books to the app's virtual bookshelf, a

Apple Points To iPad & iBooks In 2,500 U.S. Classrooms, Reaffirms Commitment To Education With Updated iBooks Author

There’s been plenty of buzz about the iPad mini and the potential role in could play in reaffirming Apple’s commitment education, and now CEO Tim Cook is spending some time on stage to discuss the

Apple Reveals Updated iBooks App, Packs Continuous Scrolling, Improved Social Sharing, And Japanese And Korean Support

Well, there you have it. As more than a few pundits had predicted in the days leading up to the event, Apple has just officially pulled back the curtains on an updated version of its iBooks iOS app.

Pressing Play’s The Thing: Publisher Uses Apple’s iBooks Author Tool To Build iPad Editions Of Shakespeare

Sourcebooks, a U.S. book publisher, has used Apple's iBooks Author tool to launch iPad editions of three Shakespeare plays on Apple's iBooks 2 store. The iBooks include extra content focused on the hi

Notes From The Ebook Trenches

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/drakegoodman/7159848907" rel="attachment wp-att-571585"><img src="https://techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/trenches.jpg?w=300" alt="" tit

Cartoonist Bill Amend Releases FoxTrot Packs For iPad

In what I suspect will be an increasing trend, cartoonist Bill Amend has released three "packs" of his popular FoxTrot comics for the iPad. He built the books by himself using iBooks Author and procee
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