Cartoonist Bill Amend Releases FoxTrot Packs For iPad

In what I suspect will be an increasing trend, cartoonist Bill Amend has released three “packs” of his popular FoxTrot comics for the iPad. He built the books by himself using iBooks Author and proceeds go to the Help Bill Amend Eat Food Fund (I suspect).

He’s selling three titles including a special issue — number 3.14 — featuring geek strips. Each book contains 100 strips and is optimized for the new iPad.

Amend is another in the long line of legitimately popular artists self-releasing their work. Jim Gaffigan just released a comedy special on his own and I expect others to give this a try as the means of production is placed back into the hands of the artists.

You can pick up the books in the iBooks store for $1.99 each.