• Web App Deployment Service AnovaStorm Secures $2 Million In Funding Committments

    Every day thousands of companies deploy web applications, take existing ones down and cross their fingers that everything goes according to plan. Depending on the size of the company, the frequency of deployments, server environments and the nature of the applications, the launch of web apps can be a complicated, intensive task. That may sound like banal business but it’s an… Read More

  • IBM Releases CityOne, A "Serious Game," For Urban Planners, Civic Leaders And Executives

    The idea of gaming for more than a high score and bragging rights has been around for some time. The U.S. military used flight simulators and Mission Rehearsal Exercise video games in training programs as early as 2001. More recently, scientists at the University of Washington began using a game called FoldIt to solve problems related to molecular science and, as the title suggests, folding… Read More

  • IBM Buys Data Center Switching Company BLADE Network Technologies For $400M

    IBM today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire BLADE Network Technologies, a privately held data center switching company based in Santa Clara, California. Financial terms were not disclosed. BLADE, founded in 2006, specializes in software and devices that route data and transactions to and from servers; the company provides blade server and top-of-rack switches as… Read More

  • BackWeb Sues IBM And HP Over Information Transfer Technology Patents

    Looks like IBM and HP have just been hit with patent infringement lawsuits. According to a release, BackWeb Technologies has filed separate lawsuits in the United States District Court in San Francisco, California against IBM and HP, alleging patent infringement. The patents seems to deal with technology for transmitting information between a remote network and a local computer and… Read More

  • Seismographers To Use Accelerometers In Hard Drives To Track Earthquakes

    This is rather interesting. As you may know, most hard drives include accelerometers for the purpose of determining the drive’s orientation and movement, so that (presumably) the drive head can compensate for it. Seismographers have used distributed networks on laptops for this purpose before, but it seems that the data from laptops is just too unreliable. Fortunately, there’s… Read More

  • IBM Buys Data Warehousing Appliance Maker Netezza For $1.7 Billion

    Data warehouse appliance company Netezza had been rumored to being close to getting acquired for a while, and this morning it turned out IBM is the one on the buying side. Big Blue is acquiring the company in cash transaction at a price of $27 per share or at a net price of approximately $1.7 billion, after adjusting for cash. Netezza, which boasts approximately 500 employees around the… Read More

  • IBM Buys OpenPages To Spice Up Its Business Analytics Portfolio

    IBM has agreed to purchase OpenPages, a privately-held software company based in Waltham, MA that helps companies identify and manage risk and compliance activities across the enterprise through a single management system. Financial terms were not disclosed, and the acquisition is subject to regulatory clearances and other customary closing conditions. The acquisition of OpenPages expands… Read More

  • IBM Fingers Web Apps As Culprit Behind 36 Percent Rise In Enterprise Security Threats

    IBM put out a new report (embedded below) on security threats to enterprise computer networks today from its X-Force security research group. It found a 36 percent increase in security vulnerabilities, with Web applications being the main culprit. Web apps with security exploits accounted for 55 percent of all disclosed vulnerabilities. One of the biggest threats are hidden attacks using… Read More

  • Startups Or Behemoths: Which Are We Going To Bet On?

    Startups Or Behemoths: Which Are We Going To Bet On?

    I knew I would be touching a raw nerve with my last two posts, on patents. But I was really surprised at the divergence of opinion. Entrepreneurs overwhelmingly supported my stance that software patents hamper innovation and need to be abolished, but friends in Microsoft, IBM, and Google were outraged at my recommendation. The big companies’ executives argued that abolishing patents… Read More

  • IBM Buys Marketing Software Company Unica For $480 Million

    Only days after buying DataCap, Big Blue has made another purchase. IBM is acquiring marketing software giant Unica approximately $480 million, or approximately $21 per share. The deal is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2010. Unica, a publicly held company that traded on the Nasdaq exchange, develops an enterprise marketing management software that helps companies to manage web… Read More

  • IBM Q2 Net Income Up 9 Percent To $3.4 Billion

    IBM reported steady second quarter earnings today, with net income rising 9 percent compared to the second quarter of 2009, to $3.4 billion. Big Blue’s diluted earnings increased 13 percent to $2.61 per share compared with diluted earnings of $2.32 per share in the second quarter of 2009, beating the street estimate of $2.58 per share. Total revenues for quarter came in at $23.7 billion… Read More