• IBM not buying Sun or "Here doesn't come the sun"

    Oh noes! IBM withdrew its $7 billion bid to buy Sun Microsystems. The company has no other offers outstanding, which may mean that the well-known and well-loved Unix server supplier will have to go it alone in an uncertain economy. One interesting point, from NYT: The Sun board did not reject the offer outright, but wanted certain guarantees that the I.B.M. side considered… Read More

  • Phase 2 Strikes Deal With IBM To Sell Lotus Products To SMBs

    Phase 2 International, an SaaS provider has partnered with IBM to provide “Lotus On-Demand,” a suite of enterprise products, consisting of Lotus Notes (enterprise email messaging), Lotus Sametime (secure instant messaging), Lotus Quickr (document sharing), and Lotus Connections (corporate social network). The software is meant for small to medium sized businesses and is priced… Read More

  • IBM could buy Sun

    IBM is in talks to buy Sun Microsystems for $7 billion. This would turn IBM into a one-stop shop when it comes to Unix server sales, a fairly lucrative niche in this cloud-happy world. Read More

  • End-of-Quarter Layoffs Hit Amazon, IBM, Google, and The New York Times

    With the end of the first quarter of the 2009 almost here, even the strongest companies companies are making last-minute layoffs to shave costs. Today, layoffs were announced across the tech sector, from IBM to Google to Amazon. The biggest layoffs came from IBM, where 5,000 people are losing their jobs in the U.S.. Amazon cut 210 people at three distribution centers in Nevada, Indiana… Read More

  • IBM cutting 5,000 U.S. employees, sending jobs to India

    Populist outrage in 3…2…1. IBM is laying off 5,000 U.S. employees and “building its work force in India and other locations,” according to the WSJ. Foreign workers now make up 71% of IBMs workforce of 400,000. Read More

  • IBM sued for anti-trust activity – sound familiar?

    Oyez, oyez: Mainframe makere Internationale Busy-ness Machinery didst sue Platform Solutions last Julye for making softsware that turns cheape hardeware into IBM-compatible mainframes. T3 Technologies, a reseller of Platform Solutions, hast now filed an antitruste suit against IBM. Now that IBM dost intende to purchase Sunne, the antitruste case seemes ever stronger, which does not bode well… Read More

  • Big Blue Wants To Swallow Sun For $6.5 Billion

    The consolidation in enterprise technology is upon us. Once mighty Sun Microsystems is now reportedly; in talks to be acquired by IBM for a mere $6.5 billion.  That is two quarters of revenues for Sun.  If you factor in the $2.6 billion in cash and short term investments on Sun’s balance sheet, the true offer is closer to $4 billion.  Sun’s shares jumped this morning 65… Read More

  • IBM And Juniper Networks Hoping To Gain Cloud Computing Market Share

    IBM will be unveiling a number of new cloud computing technologies at its CIO Leadership Exchange in Shanghai and its Pulse Conference in Las Vegas on Wednesday with networking giant and Cisco-rival Juniper Networks by its side. We reported last summer that Juniper is doing a good job of making inroads on Cisco’s turf, and this partnership with IBM is a sign of Juniper’s… Read More

  • IBM supercomputer of unheard-of size to monitor nukes

    The US Government has decided at last that it’s time for Skynet. They’ve tapped IBM to create a supercomputer nearly twenty times as powerful as the current world champion: IBM’s Roadrunner, running at 1.1 petaflops. The computer is to be in charge of making sure that America’s nuclear arsenal is in a working state at all times. That seems like more of a job for guys… Read More

  • Apple And IBM Resolve Employment Dispute; Papermaster Can Now Get To Work

    When Apple hired away Mark Papermaster from IBM as its new senior vice president of hardware engineering for devices, IBM struck back with a lawsuit attempting to bar him from switching jobs. Citing his non-compete clause, IBM convinced a judge to order Papermaster to stop working at Apple until the dispute was resolved. IBM even brought Papermaster’s children into it. Well, now he… Read More

  • IBM and TI feel the heat, lay off thousands

    Just so you know it isn’t just the younger players dropping jobs like it’s going out of style, it looks like the blue chips are feeling it, too. IBM and TI filed their papers just recently and they have been found to be scraping the bottom as well. TI more than IBM, but still. Condolences to all. Read More

  • Lotus Notes Soon To Become Even More LinkedIn

    LinkedIn has partnered with IBM to create a new plugin that integrates its professional social network into Lotus Notes, a popular business desktop client that includes Email, calendar, and IM functionality. The plugin is making its debut to the public at Lotusphere, with plans for its release in the first half of 2009. For users who spend much of their day ‘living’ in their… Read More

  • IBM's fancy new STT-MRAM prototype that holds 4Kb of data

    Three cheers for new, strange technologies that won’t see the light of day for many, many years! Specifically, IBM’s example of spin-torque-transfer magnetoresistive random access memory (STT-MRAM) has wowed the MRAM press with its latest prototype. The device can store a whopping 4Kb of data for around 10 years without any electricity flowing through its veins. The main idea… Read More

  • Judge: Papermaster could cause "irreparable harm" to IBM at Apple

    When this legal melee began earlier this month, I guessed that the judge was simply taking IBM at its word and ordering Papermaster to stop work essentially at their whim. Well, you can’t blame me for underestimating the Judicial Branch, can you? Recently revealed records show that the judge had pretty solid reasoning for believing Papermaster was a serious threat to IBM in his new… Read More

  • IBM to Mark Papermaster: What about the children?

    BBG found a great line from IBM to Mark Papermaster, the IBM hardware guy who went to Apple to make and sell iPods. After trying many methods to keep Mark from joining a successful hardware company, they finally whipped out the favorite of anti-smut crusaders and anti-segregationists everywhere: After Papermaster informed IBM of his decision to accept the position at Apple, IBM implored… Read More

  • Papermaster countersues IBM – it's getting nasty!

    Papermaster doin’ it for his self! Well, his lawyers are helping. They’ve produced a somewhat scattershot countersuit against IBM, which if you don’t remember, sued the man for supposedly breaching a non-competition agreement in his contract. Papermaster’s corner says that not only is the non-comp clause “unreasonably broad,” but the statute of limitations… Read More

  • New Apple exec Mark Papermaster ordered to stop working immediately

    This is out of left field, but Federal District Judge Kenneth Karas has ordered that Mark Papermaster “immediately cease his employment with Apple Inc until further order of this court.” The issue arises from the basic non-compete clause in his IBM contract, but Papermaster argues that IBM is more big business whereas Apple is obviously consumer-y. “Electronic devices large… Read More

  • Apple's loss of iPod chief points to interesting new direction

    As we well know, Tony Fadell, the former exec in charge of Apple’s iPod division, has stepped down for personal reasons and Apple has hired Mark Papermaster, the PowerPC chip guru in IBM’s hardware business. We’ve been discussing the move and there are a few reasons for choosing someone from IBM to lead what is, in reality, an entertainment division. First, iPods are now… Read More

  • Real World Got You Down? IBM Invites You To A Virtual Forbidden City.

    Can’t afford a ticket to China to go visit the Forbidden City? Well, now all you need is your computer. IBM, which is a big believer in virtual worlds, and China’s Palace Museum have created an exact replica of the 178-acre Forbidden City. After working meticulously for three years to recreate every building and thousands of major artifacts, the virtual Forbidden City is now… Read More

  • IBM and AMD: "First to 22nm!" Intel: "Big whoop"

    Well! IBM and AMD are certainly proud of themselves today! They’ve been working on a 22nm SRAM cell, two generations ahead of the current 45nm process. The devices developed and manufactured by AMD, Freescale, IBM STMicroelectronics, Toshiba and the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) were built in a traditional six-transistor design on a 300 mm wafer and had a memory… Read More