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  • Time Machine Scheduler: Stop with the freaking backups at 9am already

    Every morning I wake up to the sound of my backup drive churning away like a damn chop saw and I suffer a huge performance hit for the first few hours of my day. No longer, thankfully, because a little Googling found this handly little app allows you to schedule the backups at a sane interval. I’ve just set mine up to hit at 1am, noon, and 8pm and I’m sure it will be OK. Read More

  • Help Key: How to protect your webmail with GnuPG and FireGPG

    Encryption scares a lot of people – me included – because it’s based on really complicated mathematics. Thankfully, the state of encryption software has advanced sufficiently in the last couple of years that it’s pretty easy for laypeople like us to take advantage of the protection it offers. Just like you don’t shop online without a secured HTTPS connection… Read More

  • Help Key Redux: Fix an iPhone caught in a bad reboot cycle or that won't boot

    This was originally posted in April but I’m putting it here because I know some of you guys are going to try to upgrade and will begin crying once the iPhone bricks like a drunk frat boy at a co-ed All-Greek basketball game. This has come up a few times in the past couple days with folks trying to install pwned and failing. What happens is that the firmware doesn’t flash correctly… Read More

  • Help Key: Adding your .Me account to Mail/Exchange

    If you have a .Mac account you can easily add your account to your mail reader right now. Create a new IMAP account and follow these steps:
    Read More

  • Help-Key Going Green Edition: Tips to maximize your rechargeable batteries

    With so many portable devices in our homes, we use a lot more batteries than people think about. After many uses, though, many rechargeable batteries can suddenly fail, rendering the device useless if they’re non-swappable. If the device has a removable battery, you can of course buy a new one, but that means throwing the toxic and useless old one out. Why not trade it in to a refurb… Read More

  • Help Key: Fix an iPhone caught in a bad reboot cycle or that won't boot

    This has come up a few times in the past couple days with folks trying to install pwned and failing. What happens is that the firmware doesn’t flash correctly and you have an iPhone or Touch caught in a horrible boot cycle that consistently fails. Sometimes it draws junk on the screen, which is basically the kernel trying to start and then failing and retrying. These instructions are… Read More

  • Help-Key: How to hack a guitar stomp box for Star Power in Rock Band

    Help-Key is a column I write for CrunchGear that has hacks and how-tos so you can live a better life. I know, I’m an altruist. But sometimes I find someone else’s hack and think it’s better than anything I could come up with. Such is Bashhh’s hack for a Rock Band guitar stomp box. This is an awesome idea and I’m jealous I didn’t think of it first. See… Read More

  • Help-Key: Pwnage for iPhone FAQ

    The Dev Team, a dedicated team of iPhone hackers responsible for most Jailbreaking methods, has released a tool called Pwnage that was announced a couple of weeks ago. Pwnage does it all. Unlocking, activating, and Jailbreaking the iPhone is now yesterday’s news. Pwnage actually fully unlocks the hardware to accept any type of custom firmware you’d like to add, effectively making… Read More

  • Crunch Network

    Help-Key: Activating, SIM unlocking and jailbreaking an iPhone the very, very easy way.

    [photopress:Picture_51.jpg,full,center] I’ve been keeping up with jailbreaking the iPod Touch here on the Help-Keys, and I know its helped a lot of people to open up their hardware. Make no mistake, the iPod Touch is one of the most outstanding pieces of hardware I’ve ever seen, and the work the various hackers developers have been doing with it is amazing. I also feel the iPhone… Read More

  • Help-Key: Jailbreak the 16GB iPod Touch with 1.1.4

    For Help-Key this week (now on Thursday’s, just like LOST), I’d planned to show you how to Jailbreak a 16GB iPod Touch, the one thing the automatic Jailbreaking apps can’t do yet, but I ended up bricking mine. Fortunately, I found a video that details exactly how to do it, and it seems to work fine. While I continue to try to reset mine to factory condition, please enjoy… Read More

  • Help-Key: Placeshifting your home TV to work on the cheap

    [photopress:msnbc.jpg,full,center] We’re all news junkies. That’s what the Internet has done to us. You can sit at your desk and watch all the feeds and refresh, but we still like our news in video form, and that’s what we’re doing here today. Unless you’re working for Ted Turner, you’re likely not in a place to watch TV at your desk, but you need to stay up… Read More

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