• Polycom Acquires HP's Videoconferencing Unit For $89 Million In Cash

    Video conferencing company Polycom is acquiring the assets of HP’s Visual Collaboration business, including the Halo Products and Managed Services business according to a release issued by both companies this morning. The acquisition, which is valued at $89 million, is expected to close in Q3 2011. Part of the deal, HP and Polycom have established a strategic relationship in which… Read More

  • Google: Chrome OS Only For Notebooks Right Now

    Although we recently heard tell of a touchscreen-based test platform called Seaboard running Chrome OS, Google isn’t in a hurry to acknowledge that its browser OS is coming to tablets. I can’t blame them, either — with Android numbers increasing and Chrome OS unproven, it’d be foolish to dilute the market with a second tablet ecosystem. So they’re officially… Read More

  • Suunto Elementum Terra All Black Watch Is All Black

    This is just a new color variation on an existing model from Suunto, but damn is it a looker. The all-black casing and negative display make for a stealthy look, and it retains all the sweet functions of the other, less handsome designs. The Terra has an altimeter, barometer, 3D compass, and a number of other features useful for mountaineering. Not that I’m going to be mountaineering… Read More

  • This Stun Gun-Equipped Armored Glove Is Worthy Of Judge Dredd

    Although I can picture a battalion of shield-faced riot police wielding these against a terrified populace, the concept really is too “life imitates sci-fi” to pass up. The BodyGuard is an armored gauntlet with a 500,000-volt stunner protruding from the back of the hand, with room for any number of other weapons of self defense. Read More

  • TDK Shows Off Transparent Bistable OLED Mobile Display

    The transparent display wars are yet to begin, since everyone is still prepping their devices, but that doesn’t stop the big guys like TDK and Samsung from throwing a little PR party every once in a while to let you know they’re still on the task. Today TDK released info on a new display, the UEL476, that’s a bit different from the rest. Read More

  • Zinio Comes To Honeycomb

    The popular virtual magazine marketplace Zinio has arrived on Android 3.0, bringing its stable of titles (including Rolling Stone, Popular Mechanics, and Us Weekly) to the likes of the Xoom and Galaxy Tab 10.1. The Android tablet market may not be anywhere near the size of the iPad’s, but they’re getting in there early and putting their foot in the door. As a tablet-warming gift… Read More

  • Samsung Starts Production In New OLED Display Factory

    Despite Samsung’s ongoing patent tiff with Apple, the South Korea-based manufacturer had good reason to celebrate this Memorial Day weekend, as its long-awaited 5.5-Gen OLED display factory is starting production. Many thought that factory production would be delayed after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March, but Samsung managed to get its new factory up… Read More

  • ViewSonic Officially Unwraps ViewPad 7x Android Tablet

    Along with an aluminum roll pad laptop protector, a USB-ported alien doll IM notifier, and of course, Intel’s new Ultrabook notebooks, the Computex trade show in Taipei also gave us our first look at ViewSonic’s new ViewPad 7x tablet. As with any unannounced device, we’ve heard a few rumors surrounding the ViewPad specs earlier this month, but now we have a full run-down… Read More

  • WHO Assessment Puts Cell Phone Use At "Possibly Carcinogenic"

    The World Health Organization has just released the findings of a major literature review by leading scientists in the fields of cancer and radiation. Their conclusion? We need more data, but it’s looking as if wireless communications are, at the very least, not not carcinogenic. The only positive data were too “limited” or “inadequate” to permit the group to… Read More

  • HP Issues Another Round Of Notebook Battery Recalls

    Remember back last year when HP recalled overheating and exploding batteries? No? Here’s our coverage. Apparently a series somehow escaped the net and now HP is recalling another 162,000 notebook batteries. These batteries were included on laptops sold between July 2007 and May 2008, which according to the CPSC, “can overheat and rupture, posing fire and burn hazards to… Read More

  • U.S., U.K. Recognize Cyberland As A Legitimate Battlefield

    As sad as it is to think about, cyberland gets more and more dangerous each year. Identity theft and random acts of hackery are now everyday concerns to most people, or at least a tiny fear that looms in the back of every head staring at a web page. Both the United States and United Kingdom armed forces are realizing the vulnerability within this particular patch of battlefield, and have… Read More

  • The Kisai RPM Tokyoflash Watch: Surprisingly Handsome, Made Of Acetate

    Acetate is the high-gloss material used to make glasses and other wearables. Tokyoflash has taken the material to interesting new heights with the Kisai RPM, releasing multiple versions of their “handmade” watch for $159. The links, case, and buttons are all hand finished and assembled and the odd limited edition colors look pretty darn cool. This watch is powered by a… Read More

  • Is Your Macbook's Butt Peeling? Get A New Bottom

    If you bought a Macbook between October 2009 and today you may be facing dreaded “peel-butt” where the rubber flakes off of the bottom of the laptop. You can either bring your laptop into the Apple Store for free repair or they can send you a DIY kit. All you really have to do is unscrew a few screws and plop on the new one. Read More

  • Urwerk's UR-202S Wild Watch In Steel

    The Urwerk UR-202S, aka the Hammerhead, also bears the name “Full Metal Jacket.” The Stanley Kubrick movie reference points to the fact that this Urwerk watch is the first this brand has offered with a metal bracelet. According to Urwerk, bracelets have been part of their plans for a while but for various reasons was never fully realized until now. Components are limited by… Read More

  • Comments Are A Little Borked Today

    It seems comments are a little borked today as the Disqus plug-in failed during our last update and problems just started showing up today. I’ve reimported all of the comments for the past few days so here’s hoping it fixes itself. Read More


    It’s hard out there for a Alien Abduction Believer. You’re busy wandering near the desert with a .22 and some binocs and you keep missing your favorite talk shows while keeping our nation safe from the teeming hordes/slavering alien brood mothers at the border. What to do? Why not pay $139 for a flashlight/MP3 player combo so you can get your news fix will keeping an eye out… Read More

  • The Nintendo DS Lite Is Now Just $99

    The aging Nintendo DS Lite just got a breath of sweet life. If you don’t already own the fantastic handheld, perhaps its new, lower $99 price will bring you aboard the party bus. Nintendo just announced the price drop from $129, which in my mind, does nothing but create a bit more competition for the $249 3DS. Maybe this move is a precursor to Nintendo dropping the 3DS’ price… Read More

  • Garmin Releases New And Improved eTrek Handheld GPS Units

    The Garmin eTrek series has long been the go-to outdoor GPS unit. They’re affordable, capable, and, as I’ve learned, able to survive numerous drops from a tree stand. Garmin just outed the latest editions that bring a far amount of new features to the line. Read More

  • My Book, Black Hat, Is In ePub Format And Is Free To Download

    I wrote a book in 2004 about hackers, spammers, and other nerds and I thought I’d like to share it with the world. It’s currently available on Amazon and B&N and is $9.99 for the print edition and an inexplicable $9.49 in the Kindle edition. It is apparently not available for the Nook. The book is 7 years old and is nearly out of print. It is about spammers, hackers, and… Read More

  • Beware Of Exploding Ikea Alarm Clocks

    Haters gonna hate. Reports just hit that states “booby-trapped” Ikea alarm clocks recently exploded within stores in Belgium, France and The Netherlands. One calls the incidents fireworks where another uses the phrase small explosions that seem to cause nothing more than earaches. In at least one case, two clocks were simultaneously detonated remotely and a company spokesperson… Read More