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One guy's experience shooting on RED

You know, to be honest, I could probably get a less fluffy account of shooting on a RED ONE from my friend Mike, who has been shooting on RED for quite a long time now. But he can’t write, and I

Ikonoskop A-cam dll: tiny, uncompressed 1080p for pros

The options for shooting hi-def video are getting more and more diverse, and this thing is a good example of that. What exactly is this shape? Well, although the design might not win any awards (well,

Canon's Vixia camcorders updated with 24Mbps bitrate

These camcorders, descended from the same breed as the original best-in-show HV20, are the latest update to the Vixia line of Canon 1080p hi-def camcorders. A few months ago the HF10 (the flash-based

JVC may or may not have made a 1080/60p compact camcorder

Judge for yourself – to call the translation ambiguous would be charitable. I assume we’ll find out more soon, but it appears that JVC has a camcorder that somehow outputs the 60i video in