Ikonoskop A-cam dll: tiny, uncompressed 1080p for pros

The options for shooting hi-def video are getting more and more diverse, and this thing is a good example of that. What exactly is this shape? Well, although the design might not win any awards (well, maybe — it’s quite small), the footage should look brilliant. It records 1080p up to 60fps and 12-bit color, but it outputs as an enormous series of DNG files — essentially, RAW photo data. This is massively high-quality and also massively wasteful: their special 80GB card holds about 15 minutes of footage.

I think this is a cool device, but I’m afraid it might get slammed by something like RED’s Scarlet; after all, the Scarlet (at a similar size) records at three times the resolution, twice the framerate, and also records lossless data. The benefit of the Ikonoskop is that it has a Super-16 sized sensor and will work with many excellent cinema lenses, but will that be worth the extra $7000 when Scarlet comes to town?
[via DVICE, OhGizmo, and ProLost]

Update: My friend tells me he got to check one of these out, and says they’re stupid small. Like way smaller than you think. Sorry, got my scales a bit muddled.