• Skype To Acquire Year-old Group Messaging Service GroupMe

    Skype To Acquire Year-old Group Messaging Service GroupMe

    Skype will acquire group messaging service GroupMe, a service that was born at a hackathon at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York in 2010. GroupMe was founded by Jared Hecht and Steve Martocci. The terms of the deal, including price, aren’t being disclosed. Just a couple of months after TechCrunch Disrupt the company closed a $850,000 round of financing from Betaworks, SV Angel, First… Read More

  • TC Cribs Tours GroupMe Offices

    TC Cribs: Unlock The Secrets Of GroupMe HQ (Beware The Time-Out Chair)

    Yes, it’s been a long time since we braved the curious smells of LikeALittle’s hacker hose. And while TechCrunch Disrupt may have kept you occupied for a week, that emptiness you’re feeling inside can only really be cured by one thing: a new episode of TC Cribs. Happy to oblige. This episode features GroupMe, the hot startup that has its roots in a TechCrunch Disrupt… Read More

  • Disrupt Hackathon NY 2011

    Hax0rz Advice: "Don't Listen To Me. Go Build Something." (TCTV)

    Talent scouting at the 2011 Hackathon in Manhattan today, TCTV caught up with three alumni hax0rz and one n00b, who gave us a sneak peek of their apps and ideas. They included: a couple of dating sites, one with a hyper local twist, a mobile web application that lets you see nearby job opportunities using data from your Foursquare network and… Read More

  • GroupMe Founders Rapid Fire Questions

    (Founder Stories) The GroupMe Guys Reveal How To Land A Job At A Startup

    All week long we’ve been running clips from the Founder Stories interview with the GroupMe Guys, co-founders Jared Hecht and Steve Martocci. In the video above, they answer some rapid fire questions about how to impress startups during an interview (give great product feedback), what do they look for in “social engineers,” and what is the hardest part of running a… Read More

  • How GroupMe Won SXSW with Grilled Cheese

    (Founder Stories) How GroupMe Won SXSW: Grilled Cheese

    At this year’s overcrowded and overhyped SXSW conference in Austin, one of the few startups to break through the noise was group text messaging app GroupMe. How did GroupMe win SXSW? Grilled cheese. The company rented an outdoor food shack for something like $10,000 and turned it into the GroupMe Grill with free grilled cheese sandwiches and beer. The grilled cheese, says… Read More

  • GroupMe Founders on the Future of Group Messaging

    (Founder Stories) GroupMe: Is Group Messaging The Thin Edge Of The Wedge?

    What exactly is the deal with all of these group text messaging apps? In the Founder Stories video above, GroupMe founders Jared Hecht and Steve Martocci tell host Chris Dixon why they think group texting coud be the thin edge of the wedge to something bigger. Call it private social networks. Small groups can do and say things that larger groups can’t. When Martocci first heard the idea… Read More

  • GroupMe Guys Founders' Early Careers

    (Founder Stories) Who Are These GroupMe Guys?

    How do you become a startup founder? There are many paths, but often founders grow up at other startups. GroupMe co-founders Jared Hecht and Steve Martocci are still pretty young. Both graduated from college only a few years ago, but both also did stints at other startups before creating group-messaging phenom GroupMe at last year’s Disrupt Hackathon and subsequently raising $10.6 million. Read More

  • GroupMe Brings Brands Into The Conversation

    GroupMe Brings Brands Into The Conversation

    As group texting apps like GroupMe gain popularity, people are using them to create ad hoc, private social networks among a handful of friends. But wherever people congregate online or through their mobile phones, brands will want to talk to them. Today, GroupMe is opening up its group chat to brands in what is the first hint at it business model: Featured Groups. Brands can create their… Read More

  • Mobile Messaging March Madness

    On Thursday, I used Yobongo all day, which helped me find a new lunch spot, run into an old friend, and meet a Yobongo co-founder. That afternoon, I thought it would be a good time to write about the new group and mobile messaging wars for TechCrunch. A few hours later, Color Labs launched, to put it mildly. And, as I was editing this post on Friday night, Disco appeared, the new… Read More

  • SXSW By The Numbers: iOS, Foursquare And GroupMe Emerge Victorious

    SXSW Interactive is no longer about the panels or keynotes, having become a five day experiment in the ability of technology to withstand the load of over 20,000 influencers congregated in the same location, trying to network using various digital tools. It’s some sort of sped up playground for app and device Darwinism, where the rest of the world functioning as a control… Read More

  • GroupMe Founders Interview

    Grilled Cheese, Beer, And Other Awesome Stuff: An Interview With GroupMe At SXSW

    There are few things better than free beer. Mix that with melted cheese and toasted bread, and you have a combination that satisfies even the deepest of human desires. And they’re available just outside the main convention center at SXSW, both free of charge. The food is being provided by GroupMe, the group messaging app that, along with competitors like Beluga and Fast Society, has… Read More