Several major iOS apps crashing at launch due to Facebook SDK issues

A number of popular apps including Spotify, GroupMe, Pinterest and TikTok were fielding user iOS crash reports Wednesday evening, the result of an apparent issues with Facebook’s SDK according to a lengthy GitHub thread on the topic.

Downdetector logged tens of thousands of user crash reports on Spotify between 3:30 and 5:30 pm PT, the time where the bulk of reports seem to have been issued across a number of popular apps. User crash reports appeared to be dying down as of publication time.

Users had reported that their apps were shutting down immediately after launch.

For plenty of users, this will likely be news to them that many of their favorite apps are immediately connecting to Facebook servers at launch. Developers at tech companies rely on Facebook’s SDK for advertising insights in additions to the company’s login portal. Users impacted by the issue didn’t have to be utilizing Facebook login for the issue to affect them, early reports indicate.

We’re reached out to Facebook for comment on the issue and will update with details.