• Greenpeace Slams Zuckerberg For Making Facebook A "So Coal Network" (Video)

    Greenpeace Slams Zuckerberg For Making Facebook A "So Coal Network" (Video)

    Environmental organization Greenpeace has released a video harshly criticizing Facebook’s use of coal-fuelled electricity in its Oregon-based data center, singling out founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The organization calls Facebook a “so coal network”. Greenpeace’s Executive Director, Kumi Naidoo, had earlier expressed his concern with the Oregon data center in an… Read More

  • Next On Greenpeace's Enemies List: Facebook

    Greenpeace, the organization with noble goals but a prickly way of going about things, has asked Facebook to stop using coal at its new data center in Oregon. Given Greenpeace’s history (seen here annoying Deutsche Bank), I should expect some attention-seeking prank if Facebook doesn’t comply. Watch out, Zuckerberg. Read More

  • Apple's iPhone 4 may not be perfect, but it is environmentally friendly

    A handy Greenpeace e-mail popped into my e-mail collector unit that reminded me of this: hey, Apple is a nice company to the environment! While the iPhone 4 may be a flawed hunk of junk, it is constructed out of Earth-friendly materials. Not a stitch of PVC plastic or BFR to be found. Meanwhile, Dell has waffled and waffled for years now, saying that, oh sure, our products will be totally… Read More

  • Greenpeace says Nintendo is the worst company on Earth, tells Dell to clean up its act

    Greenpeace‘s relentless march toward reminding us that we’re killing the planet continues. The organization released its annual “Who’s Green?” list yesterday, and Nokia and Sony Ericsson get A+ marks, while Lenovo and Nintendo are, apparently, the dregs of society. Also on the wrong side of Greenpeace: Dell. The Texas-based company found itself on the wrong end of… Read More

  • Greenpeace: iPad could increase demand for 'dirty coal power'

    This may be the greatest sentence ever written in the English language: “As IT industry analysts label 2010 the ‘Year of the Cloud,’ a new report by Greenpeace shows how the launch of quintessential cloud computing devices like the Apple iPad raises fresh questions about how the Internet is powered and whether the IT sector will continue to fuel climate change by… Read More

  • Add Samsung to Greenpeace's hate list (for now)

    Greenpeacenow officially hates Samsung. The environmental organization has taken issue with Samsung’s inability to remove Brominated Flame Retardants, or BFRs, from its products. BFRs have been linked to environmental damage, and specific types have been banned from Europe altogether because of the potential for human harm. Read More

  • Greenpeace will be at CES cutting a promo on anti-green companies

    I’ve inexplicably become CrunchGear’s go-to green writer. If there’s a “green” tech story out there, I’m on the scene. Why, I don’t know, especially because my attitude toward the environment is, “Meh, I’m lucky if I hit 70 years old, what do I care?” Don’t tell that to Greenpeace though. The activists made famous by that… Read More

  • Apple quits U.S. Chamber of Commerce over environmental policy

    Seemingly overnight, Apple has become the poster child of the responsible, Green company. (Apple recently posted all the details of its efforts; Greenpeace is now BFFs with Apple.) In fact, it’s so pro-enviroment (as if anyone is anti-environment!) that it just quit the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which is a huge organization that represents business interests to the various powers that be. Read More

  • Greenpeace hates Apple, HP a little bit less today

    Like many of you, my knowledge of Greenpeace begins and ends with that one Seinfeld episode, the one where the NBC executive, so in love with Elaine, freaks out and joins the organization in order to impress her. That is to say I don’t really understand the “point” of the organization, or who appointed it the protector of the environment. But, it is, somehow, so let’s… Read More

  • Apple to Greenpeace: Look, we're trying our best, ok!

    It looks like all of Greenpeace’s needling of Apple over the past few years has paid off, as the house that Jobs built is about to announce its successes in becoming a more green company. Think carbon emissions data,all that jazz. Even though Apple is trying plenty hard to assuage the Green Brigade, it thinks it’s being treated rather unfairly. Read More

  • HP demonstrates why Greenpeace dubbed the company "Hazardous Products"

    Take a guess what’s in that shipping box from HP. A few notebooks? Maybe a large, multifunction printer. Or it could be a production quality CRT monitor. All those are possible because, well, the box is huge and it’s on a shipping pallet, but they are also all wrong. This is crazy. Read More