Greenpeace And The EFF Flew A Protest Blimp Around The NSA’s Massive Utah Data Center

The cheek. The cheek!

When the government is out building a massive data center so that it can store more of the data that it hoovers up from around the world, what do you do? Well you probably can’t get much in the way of a day pass, but as Firefly taught us,¬†you can’t take the skies from me.

And so Greenpeace along with the EFF and Tenth Amendment Center flew a blimp around¬†the data center. According to an EFF blog post, the flight was undertaken to “protest the government’s illegal mass surveillance program.”

Check the clip:

After a rather bad patch, the effort to reform the NSA has managed a few victories.

Today the government released a transparency report that wasn’t as detailed as we might have hoped, but damn it exists all the same. An amendment passed on a House funding bill that would block the NSA from forcing backdoors, as well as block the financing of using Section 702 searches on U.S. citizens. And a bill aimed at reining in the NSA passed the House but in an enfeebled fashion. There have been calls from the Senate and reform groups to patch it up.

Most of the work remains out in front of those in favor of curbing the NSA’s surveillance efforts.

Top Image Credit: Greenpeace