Facebook, Greenpeace Settle Clean Energy Feud After Two-Year Campaign

Remember when Greenpeace totally didn’t like Facebook and its use of ‘dirty energy’ in its datacenters? Well, they’re best buddies now. Greenpeace and Facebook this morning announced that they’re teaming up on the promotion of renewable energy and “develop programs that will enable Facebook users to save energy and engage their communities in clean energy decisions”.

Facebook also committed to using clean and renewable energy to power its own operations.

The news comes two years after the global campaigning organization launched its Unfriend Coal Campaign, enlisting online activists to call on Facebook to power its data centers with clean energy instead of coal. That campaign ends today.

Marcy Scott Lynn, of Facebook’s sustainability programme, said it looked forward “to a day when our primary energy sources are clean and renewable” and that the company is “working with Greenpeace and others to help bring that day closer”.

As part of the agreement between Greenpeace and Facebook, the social network behemoth committed to the pursuit of “ongoing research into energy efficiency” through the Open Compute Project, which Greenpeace will also work to support.

Greenpeace says it is currently the most ‘liked’ environmental nonprofit organization on Facebook.