Gravity is launching an indoor charging hub in NYC with plans to scale

Electric vehicle fleet and infrastructure startup Gravity thinks it has cracked the code for urban EV charging infrastructure.  The company, which was founded in February this year, announced its con

Crunch Report | NBC Launches News Broadcast for Snapchat

NBC launches news broadcast for Snapchat, Tim Draper invests in an Iron Man suit and SoftBank invests massively in three startups. All this on Crunch Report!

Leading VC Tim Draper invests in Gravity’s ‘Iron Man’ flight suit, on a $100 bill

You’re a bored former finance guy who decides one day to strap on some micro-jet engines and see if you can become Iron Man. Hey it happens all the time. Or maybe not. But that’s what British

A UK entrepreneur takes flight by attaching miniature jet engines to his limbs

A YouTube collection of grainy video clips highlights the progress Gravity founder Richard Browning has made toward his outlandish dream over the past year. Each seems more terrifying than the last, w

Gravity’s Amit Kapur Says Personalization Is Going To “Explode” This Year

Following <a href="">AOL's acquisition</a> of content personalization startup <a target="_blank" href="">Gravity</a> last month,

Setting Its Sights On Content Personalization, AOL To Acquire Gravity For $90.7M

AOL is announcing that it has reached a deal to acquire content personalization startup <a target="_blank" href="">Gravity</a> for an initial $83 million, with another $7.7 milli

Gravity Fully Launches Its Content Personalization Tools, Making Them Available To Any Publisher

A little more than three years after <a href="">the company was first announced</a>, personalization start

Gravity Raises $10.6M For Content Personalization And Marketing, Round Led by GRP Partners

<a target="_blank" href="">Gravity</a>, the content personalization startup <a href="

The Age Of Relevance

<img src="" />What’s the Next Big Thing after social networking? This has been a favorite topic of much speculation a

Twinterest: Gravity Analyzes Your Twitter Stream Tells You What You Love

<img src='' class="snap_nopreview shot2" alt="" />A few weeks ago we hinted at some of the personalization tools that Los Angeles based st

The Future Will Be Personalized

<img src="" />Today, we live in a world where we’re constantly overwhelmed by information. There are over 90M tweets per day, 34 hours of

Gravity Regroups For Round Two: The Personalization War

<img src='' class="shot" alt="" /><a href="">Gravity</a>, founded by ex-MySpace execs, first launched into private bet

Former MySpace Exec Teams With Yahoo Rock Star For New Startup

<img src='' class="snap_nopreview shot" alt="" />MySpace's former GM International <a href="

More Talent Walks Out The Door At MySpace: Three Key Employees Go To Gravity

<img src='' class="shot" alt="" />More bad news for an already bullet-riddled <a href="

Exclusive: Ex-MySpace Execs Launch Gravity Into Private Beta

<img src="" width="215" height="111" />Back in March 2009 a trio of MySpace execs -COO <a href="http://www.

Ex-MySpace Execs Prepping To Unveil Blue Rover Labs, Now Hiring

<a href=""><img src="" width="215" height="62" /></a>Earlier this year three key MySpace executives <a

Former MySpace Execs Get Funding For New Venture; Some Details Leak

<img src="" width="134" height="200" />Remember when <a href="

Three MySpace Execs Departing To Start New Company (Leaked Memo)

<img src="" width="134" height="200" /> This just breaking: Three executives at MySpace are leaving the company to form their own

Samsung Gravity hits T-Mobile today

T-Mobile said the Samsung Gravity would show up on Nov. 17th and, sure enough, it has arrived. While the Gravity might not have the same pull as some of the bigger, less wallet-friendly QWERTY handset

Baby got backless bra

It’s not every day that a tech blogger gets to write about women’s underwear, at least not on the tech blog, but here I am, and it’s no longer April Fool’s. What advancement in
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