Former MySpace Exec Teams With Yahoo Rock Star For New Startup

MySpace’s former GM International Travis Katz left the company shortly after the big executive shakeout in the Spring of 2009.

He spent a few months in Hawaii recharging, and then moved his family to Silicon Valley. Since January he’s been working on a new startup, he says, and he’s teamed up with Ori Zaltzman, the former Chief Architect of Yahoo Boss.

That’s enough of a team to make things really interesting. Particuarly Zaltzman’s deep infrastructure background.

Katz isn’t saying what the new startup will do. When pressed he said “consumer Internet.” When pressed further he said “social infrastructure product.” He says he’s not saying anything else until the fundraising is closed.

“Fundraising? What VCs are you talking to?”

“No comment.”


My goal is to find out all about the new startup, and share it with you, before Katz wants me to. But until then that’s all I’ve got.

This is now the third startup to spring from the loins of former MySpace execs.

Back in March 2009 a trio of MySpace execs – COO Amit Kapur, SVP Steve Pearman and SVP Jim Benedetto – left to begin working on a new startup called Gravity.

And MySpace cofounder and former CEO Chris DeWolfe recently unveiled MindJolt.

All look promising. Perhaps more promising than the company they left behind.