Ex-MySpace Execs Prepping To Unveil Blue Rover Labs, Now Hiring

Earlier this year three key MySpace executives jumped ship only two months before the company’s major reorg. Since then they’ve been pretty quiet — we’ve learned that they raised a $10 million funding round led by August Capital and Redpoint Ventures, but aside from that there hasn’t been much to go on. Now, more details are starting to emerge: we know that the company will be called Blue Rover Labs, and we’ve gotten our first glimpse of the homepage.

Earlier this afternoon each of the team members tweeted out a link to Blue Rover Labs at approximately the same time, with no explanation given. The page is quite sparse, with little on it other than a list of the current staff. The three MySpace execs, Amit Kapur (former MySpace COO), Steve Pearman (former MySpace SVP Product Strategy) and Jim Benedetto (former MySpace VP Technology) have apparently brought on Kunal Anand, a former MySpace Senior Technical Lead (and later, Grockit Engineer) as a fourth member.

The company describes itself as a “well-funded stealth internet startup”, and includes a note telling us that it’s happening “right now” and to “stay tuned for exciting news”. There’s also a link to a hiring page, where the company writes that it’s looking for “PHP ninjas, LAMP architects, memcached gurus, rock-star product managers, UX/UI experts, and other swiss-army-knife hackers”.

That’s about all we know so far, but it sounds like more details will be coming soon. We’re optimistic about this team, and eager to see what they come up with.