Dialpad acquires video conferencing service Highfive

VoIP provider Dialpad, the company behind the popular video conferencing service UberConference, today announced that it has acquired Highfive, a well-funded video conferencing startup that focuses on

Google To Shut Down GrandCentral Website

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Google Voice Now Lets You Change Your Number. It'll Cost You $10.

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Skydeck Mashed Up With Google Voice Could Be The Perfect Combination

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Google Voice takes over where GrandCentral left off

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GrandCentral To (Finally) Launch As Google Voice. It's Very, Very Good.

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Gmail Labs Adds Text Messaging Feature. KTHXBAI. (Update)

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BT Has Acquired Ribbit For $55 Million To Build GrandCentral Competitor, Say Ribbit Execs To Friends

This is a strange story. Rumors circulated today that Silicon Valley based startup Ribbit was acquired by British Telecom, and VentureBeat ran with the story. The company later denied the rumors, but

Think Before You Voicemail

Voicemail is dead. Please tell everyone so they’ll stop using it. When I first started out in the real world in the mid-nineties voicemail was an important productivity tool. I remember people t

GrandCentral Offline: If You Wanna Be A Phone Company, You Can't Go Dead

GrandCentral, Google’s $50 million phone company, has been down all morning (see overview of service here). And that means every single user who has started using their GrandCentral phone number

GrandCentral Homeless Stunt Worked So Well It's Time For An Encore

Most companies target early adopters with their new products, hoping those users will tell all of their friends all about it. But not GrandCentral, the company Google acquired for $50 million in July

Jangl Powering Anonymous Phone Sex On PlentyOfFish

When it comes to connecting with new friends safely and privately, Jangl fits the bill. The “Social Communications Widget” lets you make calls, send SMSs, and leave voice mails without exp

TringMe: Phone Free Click To Call

Nearly every VOIP related startup has their own click-to-call widget, Jajah, Jangl, Jaxtr, and even GrandCentral. These widgets let you easily and sometimes anonymously set up a call with friends over

GrandCentral's "One Number For Life" Not Really

So much for GrandCentral’s “one number for life” promise. The company is turning off customer phone numbers and giving them new ones following their acquisition by Google last month.

GrandCentral Acquired By Google: Please Don't Take Away My Free Really Good Voicemail!

My family is a GrandCentral family. We’re all like “Hey, honey, GrandCentral me!” and my wife is all like “I just GrandCentralled your mother. And your son just GrandCentralled

Deal is Confirmed: Google Acquired GrandCentral

Google has confirmed the Grand Central Acquisition we suspected would be announced today or tomorrow. No official word on a price, but we believe it’s in the $50 million range. Google will be mo

Google Should Announce GrandCentral Acquisition Today or Tomorrow

A follow up to our post a week ago: A source close to the deal has confirmed to us that Google has closed the acquisition of GrandCentral and will be announcing it this week, probably today or tomorro

Google Set To Acquire GrandCentral

Google is the Galactus of the Interwebs. When the giant gets hungry it simply goes out and finds a meal in which case GrandCentral is breakfast for today. In case you’re joining us and have no idea

Google To Acquire GrandCentral

Google is in acquisition discussions with telephone management startup GrandCentral, we’ve learned, and we have a high degree of confidence that the deal has actually been closed. We are trying

GrandCentral Guide

TechCrunch has had running coverage of telephone management startup GrandCentral since their debut in September of last year. MobileCrunch covered the release of their mobile client recently. Today th
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