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New Google Vids product helps create a customized video with an AI assist

All of the major vendors have been looking at ways to use AI to help customers develop creative content. On Tuesday at the Google Cloud Next customer conference in Las Vegas, Google introduced a new A

Google looks to monetize AI with two new $10 Workspace add-ons

The new AI meetings and messaging add-on takes notes for you, provides meeting summaries and translates content into 69 languages.

Google plans to bring AI-fueled security enhancements to Google Workspace

As companies move to the cloud, keeping data secure is always front of mind. While Google is quick to point out that it has never had an exploit in Google Workspace, it doesn’t mean it isn’t worki

Google is experimenting with AI-generated background on Meet

Google is experimenting with a generative AI feature to create new backgrounds for Google Meet calls. This new test lets people type in a prompt to generate a background for the call. The feature, whi

Google Calendar now allows users to take paid appointments

Google Calendar has launched a new feature that lets professionals or freelancers allow their customers to book paid appointments. This could be useful for people such as therapists or teachers provid

Google Workspace and Cloud get support for passkeys

A month ago, Google rolled out passkey support to consumer Google accounts. Today, it is extending this to business users, with the open beta launch of passkeys for Google Workspace and Cloud accounts

Google to delete accounts inactive for two years in security push

Google, which hosts billions of user accounts, said on Tuesday that it plans to delete accounts that have remained inactive for two years. The decision is part of the internet giant’s ongoing ef

Google goes all-in on bringing AI to Workspace

Google and Microsoft are locked in a head-to-head competition to bring as much generative AI to their productivity services as possible. Only days ahead of Microsoft’s “Future of Work&#822

Google Meet gets automatic meeting transcriptions

Meetings — nobody wants them but everybody has them. So for those times when you’re in a meeting but mostly just surfing the web, it’s nice to have a transcript to make sure you didn’t miss th

Google Cloud expands to six more countries

Google today announced its plans for a major expansion of its physical Google Cloud infrastructure. The company plans to launch new Google Cloud regions in six new countries: Austria, Czech Republic,

Google opens up Workspace with new integrations and APIs

Google Workspace, the company’s set of productivity tools most recently known as G Suite, is getting a major update at the company’s Cloud Next conference this week. This includes quite a few cust

Google is adding new Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Keep optimizations for tablets

Google announced today that it’s updating some of its apps to work better on tablets. Google introduced Android 12L earlier this year to make tablets easier to use, and at I/O, the company annou

Denmark bans Chromebooks and Google Workspace in schools over data transfer risks

Denmark is effectively banning Google’s services in schools, after officials in the municipality of Helsingør were last year ordered to carry out a risk assessment around the processing of pers

Gmail’s redesigned interface including Chat and Meet is now the new default

Gmail is now rolling out a new user interface that will show Chat and Meet sections in the side pane by default — unless you’ve already disabled them. Google introduced this new integrated vie

This startup wants to help teams get more out of virtual meetings

If the pandemic-triggered proliferation of online meetings is killing your team productivity and sapping the attention of overloaded info workers, German startup tl;dv might have just the tool: It&#82

Pulse, the maker of an automatic Slack status updater, acquires team communication startup Lounge

Lounge, a team communication startup that was looking to reimagine the future of work with features designed for remote and distributed workforces, has now found an exit after Slack entered its same m

Google brings phishing detection to Docs, Sheets and Slides, along with other privacy and security updates

Among the privacy and security-related updates announced today at Google’s I/O conference, the company says it’s bringing phishing protection to its suite of productivity apps, including D

Google Cloud and SAP launch a native integration between Workspace and S/4HANA Cloud

Google and SAP have partnered around a number of different projects over the years and Google Cloud, just like its competitors, is a strategic cloud partner for RISE with SAP, the German enterprise so

Google touts more Workspace controls for users in Europe

Google has announced a package of additional controls for users of its productivity suite, Google Workspace (neé G Suite), in Europe — which it’s rolling out by the end of this year and n

Google Meet gets in-meeting reactions, PiP, end-to-end encryption and more

Google announced a major update to Google Meet today that includes a number of long-requested features and plenty that you didn’t even know you needed. There is a long list here, but the main ad
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