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Google starts opening up access to its new generative AI capabilities in Search

Google announced today that it’s starting to open up access to new generative AI capabilities in Search after teasing them at its I/O event two weeks ago. The tech giant is opening up access to

Google Search ads will soon automatically adapt to queries using generative AI

Google is going to start using generative AI to boost Search ads’ relevance based on the context of a query, the company announced at its Google Marketing Live event today. Last year, the tech g

Google to experiment with ads that appear in its AI chatbot in Search

AI chatbots have only just been put into consumers’ hands, but tech giants are rushing to monetize them. For instance, shortly after Bing Chat’s arrival, Microsoft began slipping ads into

Google ‘Perspectives’ integrates Reddit, YouTube, TikTok and more in search results

Alongside its work to integrate more AI features into Search, Google today also announced it’s introducing a new “Perspectives” filter will be coming to the top of some of its Search

Google is experimenting with a new AI-powered conversational mode in Search

Google Search is introducing a new experimental conversational mode that is powered by generative AI, the company announced at its annual I/O developer conference today. Instead of rolling out the pro

Google introduces new features to help identify AI images in Search and elsewhere

Google is taking its first steps toward combating the potential for misinformation arising from AI-generated images. Complementing its announcements at its I/O developer event this afternoon, the comp

Google celebrates Star Wars Day with a fun Grogu Easter egg

Google is celebrating Star Wars Day with a special Easter egg featuring Grogu, also known as Baby Yoda. When you type “Grogu” or “Baby Yoda” into the Google Search bar, the cha

Google Search gets new travel features, including a ‘price guarantee’ tool for flights

Google announced today that it’s introducing three new Search features to make it easier for users to research hotels, book their next plane ticket and discover things to do while on vacation. M

Google to roll out new extreme heat alerts in Search soon

Google is introducing new extreme heat alerts in Search that are designed to surface information to help people stay safe during heat waves.

Google Search is adding new ‘Perspectives’ and ‘About this author’ features to help users verify info

Google is introducing new ways for users to verify information on Search, the company announced on Tuesday. The search giant is launching new features called “Perspectives” and “Abou

Google is making it easier to find low-cost healthcare centers in search results

At its health-focused event today, Google announced a series of health updates for its products, including Search. Most notably, the company announced that it’s making it easier for people to fi

Wordle was Google’s top trending search term globally in 2022

Google has released its annual “Year in Search” report outlining the top searches of 2022 around the world. The report reveals that popular online game Wordle topped the list globally. Sea

Google Search’s new topic filters make it easier to refine results or expand searches

Google announced today that it’s making it easier for users to drill down on a search and explore related topics. Search currently has a few filters to help you refine and separate your search r

Google introduces ‘Continuous Scrolling’ on desktop for Search

Google is introducing a “Continuous Scrolling” feature on the desktop so users don’t have to navigate across pages to find the relevant search results for English-language queries in

Google rolls out new features across Maps, Search and Shopping

Google announced today that it’s introducing a slew of new Maps, Search and Shopping features. The company revealed a majority of the new features during its Search On event in September and is

Google is updating its ‘Ad’ tag to ‘Sponsored’ for mobile search

Over the years, Google has made it harder to separate ads from organic search results at a glance. In its current iteration, when users perform a search, the only distinction between the two is &#8220

Google rolls out tool to request removal of personal info from search results, will later add proactive alerts

This spring, Google announced it would expand the types of personal information users could request to have removed from Google Search results to include contact information, like a phone number, addr

Google revamps shopping with 3D images, shoppable looks, buying guides and more personalization

At its Search On event this afternoon, Google announced a number of shopping-related changes and new features across areas that include visual shopping, personalization and buying with the help of tru

Google Search will soon make it easier to find the exact dish you’re craving

Google is gearing up to launch several Search updates to make it easier for users to find the perfect dish, the company announced today at its Search On event. Most notably, the search giant says user

Google unveils a more visual search experience for the TikTok generation

Google today announced it’s revamping the traditional Google Search experience to allow users to more naturally explore information. To accomplish this, the company is introducing a number of ne
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