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Google court filing reveals new business details of DuckDuckGo and Neeva

A court filing in the U.S. Department of Justice’s case against Google over its alleged monopoly in the search market has revealed a few notable tidbits about the state of the search market comp

Google tests a feature that calls businesses on your behalf and holds until an agent is available

Google is testing a new feature that will place a call to a business on your behalf, wait on hold and then give you a call once a live representative is available, the company confirmed to TechCrunch.

Google overhauls Search with tools to follow interests, annotate web pages and more

There have been a growing number of complaints that Google Search is not as useful as it used to be. In fact, Google execs even admitted that young people are turning to services like TikTok and Insta

Google Search and Chrome are getting new tools to help users find discounts

Google is coming for Honey and other deal-finding tools by introducing new features on Search and Chrome to help users find discounts. The tech giant announced on Tuesday that it’s adding a desi

Google Search can now help you solve geometry, physics and calculus problems

Google updated its search engine and Lens tool with new features to help you visualize and solve problems in more difficult subjects like geometry, physics, trigonometry and calculus. The update allow

Google takes aim at Duolingo with new English tutoring tool

Google’s gunning for Duolingo with a new Google Search feature designed to help people practice — and improve — their English speaking skills. Rolling out over the next few days for

Google introduces new sustainability features, including a tool for people looking to buy an EV

Google announced today that it’s introducing new sustainability features, including a new tool aimed at people who are considering buying an EV. The company is also launching an expanded Flood H

Google is opening up its generative AI search experience to teenagers

Google is opening its generative AI search experience to teenagers, the company announced on Thursday. The company is also introducing a new feature to add context to the content that users see, along

Google now blurs explicit imagery in Search results by default

Google is finished rolling out its new SafeSearch feature that blurs explicit imagery, such as violent or sexual photos, by default. The company announced back in February that it would be rolling out

Google is making it easier to find and remove personal info, explicit images from Search

Google is introducing a few new Search updates that are designed to help users stay in control of their personal information, privacy and online safety. The company announced today that it’s mak

Google’s generative search feature now shows related videos and images

Google is adding contextual images and videos to its AI-powered Search Generative Experiment (SGE), the generative AI-powered search feature announced at May’s I/O conference. Later in the month

Google brings contextual search suggestions, trending searches and more to Chrome on mobile

Google wants you to search more, and to do that, it’s launching a number of updates to Chrome on mobile today that will, among other things, highlight potential search queries related to a page

Google Search is making it easier to find relevant information on women’s sports

Google is introducing a few new ways to make it easier for users to find relevant information when searching for women’s sports, the company announced on Tuesday. The new updates come in time fo

Google starts opening up access to its new generative AI capabilities in Search

Google announced today that it’s starting to open up access to new generative AI capabilities in Search after teasing them at its I/O event two weeks ago. The tech giant is opening up access to

Google Search ads will soon automatically adapt to queries using generative AI

Google is going to start using generative AI to boost Search ads’ relevance based on the context of a query, the company announced at its Google Marketing Live event today. Last year, the tech g

Google to experiment with ads that appear in its AI chatbot in Search

AI chatbots have only just been put into consumers’ hands, but tech giants are rushing to monetize them. For instance, shortly after Bing Chat’s arrival, Microsoft began slipping ads into

Google ‘Perspectives’ integrates Reddit, YouTube, TikTok and more in search results

Alongside its work to integrate more AI features into Search, Google today also announced it’s introducing a new “Perspectives” filter will be coming to the top of some of its Search

Google is experimenting with a new AI-powered conversational mode in Search

Google Search is introducing a new experimental conversational mode that is powered by generative AI, the company announced at its annual I/O developer conference today. Instead of rolling out the pro

Google introduces new features to help identify AI images in Search and elsewhere

Google is taking its first steps toward combating the potential for misinformation arising from AI-generated images. Complementing its announcements at its I/O developer event this afternoon, the comp

Google celebrates Star Wars Day with a fun Grogu Easter egg

Google is celebrating Star Wars Day with a special Easter egg featuring Grogu, also known as Baby Yoda. When you type “Grogu” or “Baby Yoda” into the Google Search bar, the cha
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