Google Duplex

Google is bringing AI assistant Duplex to the web

Last year at Google I/O, the tech giant’s annual developer conference in Mountain View, Calif., the company showed off a splashy demo of an artificial intelligence assistant, Duplex, that could

AI-powered booking service Google Duplex rolls out to iOS & Android 5.0+ devices

Google confirmed its Google Assistant feature for booking restaurant reservations via the phone, powered by Duplex’s AI technology, has begun to roll out in English to more Android and iOS devic

A closer look at Google Duplex

A month and change after I/O, Google convenes a meeting of a few small groups of journalists at an upscale Thai restaurant in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. It’s an unusual locale for one of the wor

Does Google’s Duplex violate two-party consent laws?

Google's Duplex, which calls businesses on your behalf and imitates a real human, ums and ahs included, has sparked a bit of controversy among privacy advocates. Doesn't Google recording a person's vo

What we know about Google’s Duplex demo so far

The highlight of Google’s I/O keynote earlier this month was the reveal of Duplex, a system that can make calls to set up a salon appointment or a restaurant reservation for you by calling those