Google Books will now make better suggestions on what to read next

Google today is launching a new feature for Google Books which aims to offer a better challenge to Amazon’s Kindle app when it comes to helping you find new things to read. Called “Discov

Supreme Court affirms Google Books scans of copyrighted works are fair use

A Supreme Court order issued today closes the book on (or perhaps merely ends this chapter of) more than a decade of legal warfare between Google and the Authors Guild over the legality of the former'

Google Improves Comic Book Reading Experience In Play Books For Android

Google today launched an upgrade to its Google Play Books store for Android that will make it easier to read comics on your phone and tablet. The company also today introduced personalized comic recom

Google Updates Ngram Viewer With Improved Search Tools

The Google Books Ngram Viewer got a new set of features today that will make it useful for more advanced research in corpus linguistics by adding wildcards and the ability to search for inflection

Google Books Ngram Viewer Gets A Larger Dataset, Now Understands Parts Of Speech

Google's <a target="_blank" href="">Ngram Viewer for Google Books</a>, a tool that lets you see how the usage of specific words has increased and decreased over time, <a

Google Winding Down E-Book Reselling Program To Focus On Play

The American Booksellers Association sent a letter to its members today announcing that Google was putting an end to its reseller program, which allowed independent bookstores to operate an e-book sto

Judge Rejects Google Books Settlement: Make It Opt-In

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Google eBooks: Is That All There Is?

<img src=""/> Two weeks ago the <a href="">Google eBookstore</a> finally <a href="https://techcrun

Google Books Determines That There Are 129,864,880 Books In The World (For Now)

Google Books is one of the most straightforward projects in the Google meta-project of cataloguing and indexing every piece of data in the world. The human race has, after all, only been literate for

Judge In Google Book Settlement Case Says Photographers Are Not Authors

<img src="" width="132" height="200" /> The latest twist in the <a href="

The Google Book Store, Coming Soon To A Browser Near You

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Plaintiffs In Google Books Settlement Try To Delay Hearing

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Coming To Android This Summer: Kyte, Rummble and Google Books

<img src="" />Always nice for a reporter to bump into a developer who builds mobile applications for startups and gives you a live pre

Google Allows Downloads of out-of-copyright Books

Google is adding a feature to its Google Books service today to allow PDF downloads of out-of-copyright books. For example, to download a pdf version of Dante’s Inferno, see the right sidebar of

Google Books partners with Chinese publishers

Google Books, a program that’s been controversial in the US, has reportedly penned a deal with four publishing houses in China. Rival Baidu has deals with Chinese libraries instead; its program