• Judge In Google Book Settlement Case Says Photographers Are Not Authors

    The latest twist in the ongoing settlement talks between Google and book authors is that yesterday, the judge in the case denied an attempt by photographers to become part of the settlement. In the decision (embedded below), Judge Denny Chin basically ruled that photographers are not authors, and that the settlement only covers “word-based material,” with the exception of… Read More

  • The Google Book Store, Coming Soon To A Browser Near You

    Google offered some more details on its upcoming digital book store earlier today at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Google plans on selling downloadable electronic books called Google Editions to any device with a browser. Today, Google Books gives you the option to buy books you find there from other online retailers. But Google Editions will come directly from Google’s own… Read More

  • Plaintiffs In Google Books Settlement Try To Delay Hearing

    <img src="; class="shot2" It appears that the plaintiffs in the Google Books settlement fiasco are going back to the drawing board by asking to postpone a hearing that was scheduled for October 7. Last week, the U.S. Department of Justice made its intentions clear that Google needed to rewrite the… Read More

  • Coming To Android This Summer: Kyte, Rummble and Google Books

    Always nice for a reporter to bump into a developer who builds mobile applications for startups and gives you a live preview and details of yet-to-be-announced stuff. No worries, he has permission to talk about the apps (he thinks). The man I’m talking about is Julián Moreno from development house Droiders, and he and his team have been hacking away at some fine apps for the Android… Read More

  • Google Allows Downloads of out-of-copyright Books

    Google is adding a feature to its Google Books service today to allow PDF downloads of out-of-copyright books. For example, to download a pdf version of Dante’s Inferno, see the right sidebar of this page. Until now, Google only allowed people to read the out-of-copyright books online (and only snippets of copyrighted works). To search the database of available full titles, go to… Read More

  • Google Books partners with Chinese publishers

    Google Books, a program that’s been controversial in the US, has reportedly penned a deal with four publishing houses in China. Rival Baidu has deals with Chinese libraries instead; its program has access to 15 million books, the largest online collection of Chinese books in the world. Working with libraries is the approach Google came under fire for in the US when publishers said… Read More