Coming To Android This Summer: Kyte, Rummble and Google Books

Always nice for a reporter to bump into a developer who builds mobile applications for startups and gives you a live preview and details of yet-to-be-announced stuff. No worries, he has permission to talk about the apps (he thinks). The man I’m talking about is Julián Moreno from development house Droiders, and he and his team have been hacking away at some fine apps for the Android platform.

I’ll start with the most exciting one imho: Kyte, the live video streaming enabler, is making its way to Android next September, likely marking the first entry of its kind on the platform. It will enable you to stream whatever you’re shooting with the built-in video of apt devices live on the Internet and from mobile to mobile.

Another cool one is BookDroid, which is essentially a mobile ebook reader for any written work that can be found in Google Books. Coolness: you can use your phone’s camera to capture a book label and it will automatically detect the ISBN and crawl the database for the digital version.

Also in the works is an Android app for Rummble, a location-aware social search and discovery engine for places that hails from the UK but delivers worldwide.

Finally, there’s TransDroid, which is a text-to-speech / speech recognition app for Android. The latter one is the only one that is already live on Android Market, the other apps should all be ready by September this year.