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Python creator Guido van Rossum joins Microsoft

Guido van Rossum, the creator of the Python programming language, today announced that he has unretired and joined Microsoft’s Developer Division. Van Rossum, who was last employed by Dropbox, r

Google Cloud launches a managed Memcached service

Google today announced the beta of Memorystore for Memcached, a new service that provides a fully managed in-memory datastore that is compatible with the open-source Memcached protocol. It will join R

Google Cloud makes it easier to set up continuous delivery with Spinnaker

Google Cloud today announced Spinnaker for Google Cloud Platform, a new solution that makes it easier to install and run the Spinnaker continuous delivery (CD) service on Google’s cloud. Spinnak

Google Cloud’s LA region goes online

Google Cloud’s new region in Los Angeles is now online, the company announced today. This isn’t exactly a surprise, given that Google had previously announced a July launch for the region,

New version of Google App Engine supports all programming languages

Google announced that an entirely overhauled version of App Engine was generally available as of today. It made the announcement at Google Cloud Next being held this week in San Francisco. App Engine

Google Brings App Engine And Cloud Datastore To Its New East Coast Region

It's only been two weeks since Google first launched some of its core Cloud Platform services in its South Carolina data center (the 'us-east1 region' if you want to be precise). At the time, the two

Google Launches New Cloud Platform Region To Better Serve Eastern U.S.

Google today announced the launch of a new Cloud Platform region for its customers on the U.S. East Coast. The poetically named "us-east1" region will now be available for Google Compute Engine, Cloud

Google’s App Engine For PHP Hits General Availability

Google’s App Engine for PHP is now out of beta and generally available on the company’s platform as a service offering. This means PHP apps are now covered by Google’s App Engine s

Google Launches Cloud Security Scanner To Help Find Vulnerabilities In App Engine Sites

Google today launched the beta of a new security tool for developers on its App Engine platform-as-a-service offering. The Google Cloud Security Scanner allows developers to regularly scan their appli

Google App Engine Gets GitHub Push-To-Deploy Support

Last summer, Google started allowing developers to use git to get their code onto App Engine to deploy their applications instead of using Google's usual SDK. Starting today, developers who use the po

Snapchat Hires Googler, “Pisses Off” His Googler Friends

This morning ephemeral messaging app Snapchat announced that it had poached a Googler, in addition to an Amazonian and a Facebooker. The company will be bringing Google App Engine director Peter Magnu

Google App Engine Adds New Starter Package To Speed iOS Development

Google App Engine has added a new starter package to speed iOS development. The new service,  <a target="_blank" href="">Mobile Backend Starter for iO

Google Cloud Platform Adds Load Balancing To Provide More Scale Out Capability And Control To Developers

Google Cloud Platform has <a target="_blank" href="">added</a> new load balancing, giving Google App Engine

New Version Of Google App Engine Offers Better App Performance, But It Comes With A Cost

Google Apple Engine (GAE) <a target="_blank" href="">released a new version</a>n of its cloud platform today, offerin

Google Explains Why Its Cloud Service Is Different When It Comes To Lock-In

A Google engineer concluded on his Google+ page last week that a cloud platform can’t be built without some form of lock-in. That’s evidently true but there really is one main reason for

Google App Engine Gets New Release, No Signs Of Slowing Cloud Push

Google just launched <a target="_blank" href="">Google App Engine 1.8.1 </a>with a host of new features, most notable

Google App Engine Adds Kinvey To Power Mobile Backend

Google is broadening its reach into the mobile app development world today through a <a target="_blank" href="

Email Reveals Google App Engine Search API About Ready For Preview Release, Charges Planned For Storage, Operations

Google is readying to move the <a target="_blank" href="">Google App Engine Search API</a> from experimental to preview mode with p

Google Adds Twilio For The First Voice And Messaging APIs Available Through The Google Cloud Platform And App Engine

Twilio today is taking one more step in its bid to become the most ubiquitous voice and messaging API available to developers: it is announcing a partnership with Google’s Cloud Platform. This m

Bring On The Platform Wars!

Writing software used to be so simple. A giant pain in the ass, mind you, but simple. You were a Microsoft developer, with binders full of Visual Studio CDs; you were a Java developer; you used the <a
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