Google App Engine Gets New Release, No Signs Of Slowing Cloud Push

Google just launched Google App Engine 1.8.1 with a host of new features, most notable among them a long-awaited search API and push-to-deploy feature similar to pushing code to a Git repository.

The new features follow a busy Google I/O that witnessed the company showing its strongest push ever into the cloud services market. Until the announcements, Google had been quiet about Google Cloud Platform. But now with general availability, the team is pushing out new features weekly and  connecting different parts of the organization in a way it had not done before.

Today was similar with a number of new updates to Google App Engine:

Search API: About a year since the Search API release, Google has moved it to the preview stage — general availability. The Search API allows a developer to integrate Google-like searches over structured data such as plain text, HTML, atom, numbers, dates, and geographic locations. As we reported last week, Google will begin charging for operations and storage. Pricing details can be found here. Prices may change up to general availability.

Source Push-to-Deploy: App Engine now supports deployment of Python and PHP applications via the Git tool. The promise is that developers can deploy apps with the same ease as pushing to a git repository.

Google Cloud Storage Client Library: Google is improving access to Google Cloud Storage from App Engine through the preview release of the Cloud Storage Client Library. In its  blog post, Google says the client library contains much of the functionality available in the Files API but has stronger integrity guarantees and a better overall developer experience. There is some overlap so the Files API will be decommissioned in a future release. The Cloud Storage Client Library will be upgraded.

Task Queues: A popular request, developers can now quickly add tasks to any Task Queue without blocking, allowing a developer’s applications to process requests more efficiently.

Datastore: Google says there are two significant Google Cloud Datastore changes in this release. The team has changed the Datastore default auto ID policy to use scattered IDs. Also, the NDB library now supports ‘DISTINCT’ queries.

A fill list of features and bug fixes for 1.8.1 can be found in Google’s release notes.