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  • The Ten Biggest Advertising Publishers On The Web

    The Ten Biggest Advertising Publishers On The Web

    Last year, Yahoo still dominated display advertising on the Web in terms of sheer number of ad impressions on its properties, but social networking sites MySpace and Facebook came on strong. Some new data from comScore in its just-released 2009 U.S. Digital Year in Review ranks the top Web properties by the number of display ad impressions. Yahoo served up an estimated 521 billion… Read More

  • The Top Ten IPO Candidates For 2010

    It’s been a long drought for IPOs, but venture capitalists and tech entrepreneurs are hopeful that 2010 will be the year they rain down on the Valley once gain. Earlier this year, a handful of IPOs trickled out, such as OpenTable, Rackspace, and A123Systems. But what people are really waiting for is another Netscape moment—an iconic IPO which will whet investor’s appetites… Read More

  • Pile 'em high – Glam One rolls out two new verticals, warns Glam Media off its turf

    [France] Paris-based Glam One, not to be confused with US company Glam Media, has rolled out two new verticals. and will target “independent professionals” in the worlds of music and sport. This brings the total number of Glam One offerings to 7, although the company is at pains to point out that additional verticals “can be deployed in under 48… Read More

  • Brings Sponsored Tweets From Celebrities

    As Twitter continues to mull over how to make money, startups are looking to capitalize on the advertising potential of the microblogging platform. Media network Glam Media is going to be launching a Twitter ad network. And today,, an Los Angeles-based startup, is launching a Twitter-based advertising network to connect high-end brand advertisers with celebrity and high-profile… Read More

  • Confirmed: Glam Media Shares (Some) Details On Twitter Ad Network Plans

    Yesterday we posted about Glam Media contacting Twitter app developers concerning an upcoming ‘Twitter-powered ad network’, and requested more information from CEO Samir Arora as the e-mail we were forwarded by one of the developers was rather scarce on details. He came through earlier this morning to confirm the accuracy of the scoop, and also provided a statement from his team… Read More

  • Glam Media Looking To Aggregate, Monetize Twitter Applications

    Glam Media, a distributed media network comprised of both its own properties and a publisher network of hundreds of lifestyle websites and blogs, is looking to build an advertising network powered by Twitter. We know this because a number of third-party Twitter app developers have received an e-mail this morning from Derek Houdyshell, Network Sales and Program Director for the California… Read More

  • Tinker Becomes A More Powerful Twitter Trends Discovery Engine

    Tinker, the recently launched microblogging topic tracker from Glam Media, will be rolling out several new features to upgrade its service. Tinker, which we covered in depth during its launch here, allows users to quickly browse through different real-time Twitter and Facebook searches relevant to various current events, trends and breaking news. Each event, trend or news item is associated… Read More

  • Glam Media Lands A $10 Million Round, Its Fifth in 5 Years

    Distributed media network Glam Media has raised $10 million more, this time specifically for its Japanese and German operations, reports PaidContent. The fifth round of funding in as many years of existence comes from Japanese VC Mizuho Venture Capital and several local advertising / media companies, but also includes a separate investment round for its German joint-venture from partner… Read More

  • Tinker Goes Live And Offers Micro-Payments To Micro-Bloggers

    Micro-blogging is getting micro-payments. Tinker, the micro-blogging topic tracker from Glam Media which we covered in depth last night, is now live. The service tracks specific topics on both Twitter and Facebook, and allows these “event” streams to be republished as standalone widgets on blogs and other sites across the Web. I’ve embedded an example below showing… Read More

  • Shoring Up The Online Advertising Biz

    The online advertising business is in for a rough patch, especially for display advertising. The signs are everywhere. Yahoo, the biggest publisher of display ads on the Web, reported a 2 percent decline in display ad revenues in the fourth quarter, and the New York Times is seeing even steeper declines. There is just way too much advertising inventory out there, and Websites are actually… Read More

  • Glam Snaps Up AdaptiveAds

    Glam Media has acquired AdaptiveAds, a startup based in Mumbai, India that serves display ads targetable by the demographic characteristics brand advertisers understand (such as “Women 24-40, Fashionista, Beauty”). It calls its contextual display ads BrandWords. They will now be called Glam AdaptAds. The purchase price was not disclosed, but AdaptiveAd was shopping around a series… Read More

  • ComScore Report: Fastest-Growing Sites And Top-Ten Advertising Magnets

    Of the top 100 sites on the Web, which ones grew the fastest in 2008? In a report it is preparing to release tomorrow, The comScore 2008 Digital Year In Review (which you can sign up for here), comScore ranks the 20 fastest-growing Web properties. These are out of the largest 100 sites overall. They are shown below, as measured by growth in unique visitors. (Interestingly, in a separate… Read More

  • Glam Slashes Exec Compensation By Up To 60%, Everyone Else by 3%-15%

    Advertising/blog network Glam Media held a company wide meeting today where employees were told about the company’s 2009 operating plan. Q4 was surprisingly strong, the company told employees, with only the auto and finance advertising sectors down significantly. But the company is making changes anyway, they say, mostly to control expenses. The executive team will take a… Read More

  • Glam Media's Application Platform Goes Live

    Glam Media has launched its application platform, called Glam Apps Atako, to the public. The platform was originally unveiled in July, and has remained in private beta until now. Each application allows bloggers and site owners to quickly implement new functionality into their sites, with available options for syndicating content, adding rich media, and enhancing posts with comments and polls. Read More

  • Glam Media Blames Economy, Slows Down Payments To Publishers

    Glam Media, the always interesting womens network (and now men’s network) is back in the news this morning. Glam is both a direct publisher of content and an advertising network. A big part of their business model is float management – making sure that they collect money before they pay it out to partners. If they pay too soon, they could get hit with bad debt when advertisers… Read More

  • Glam Gets Brash: Screenshots Of The New Men's Network

    Fast growing women’s network Glam Media is now a fast growing women’s and men’s network with the launch of a sister (err, brother) site later this week. Update: Brash moved up its launch to today. The site will target 18-49 year old men and will, like Glam, bring in content from a network of third party sites. Glam will focus its efforts on ad sales and… Read More

  • Glam Teams With GumGum To Serve Free, Legal Images

    Image licensing platform GumGum has scored a deal to serve free legal images across Glam Media’s publishing network. Glam publishers will have access to photos from Splash News’ catalog of celebrity images, many of which run from $75-500 apiece under standard licensing deals. In lieu of these fees, GumGum will allow publishers to display their images with ad overlays free of… Read More

  • Glam's Not-So-Pretty, BFF Approach To Pushing Its ComScore Numbers Higher

    Glam Media loves to tout its comScore numbers, and uses them to claim it is the largest collection of women’s sites in the world. And that’s true when you count all of the affiliate sites Glam does not own or operate that it sells advertising for. That’s Glam’s entire business model: sign up sites that appeal to women, and sell ads across the entire network. In… Read More

  • How Close Were Glam And Revolution Health To Merging?

    Women’s focused advertising network Glam Media, which raised $85 million in a combined debt and equity financing in February 2008 (they have raised a total of $115 million since 2004), was rumored to be mulling over a $1.3 billion acquisition offer just a couple of months later in May. It’s a safe bet to assume that the merger discussions were leaked directly by CEO Samir Arora or… Read More

  • Sugar Inc Breaks Up With NBC, Brings Ad Sales In House

    Fast growing women-focused blog network Sugar Inc announced that they’ve terminated their year-old ad sales relationship with NBC. All ad sales will now be via an in-house sales team, says the company. There was speculation that NBC’s recent investment in Blogher, arguably a competitor to Sugar, was to blame. But Sugar CEO Brian Sugar (guess where the company name came from) says… Read More