Glam Media Brings iPad-Friendly Publishing Platform GlamMobile To The U.S.

Glam Media, the distributed media network, is rolling out its mobile publishing platform GlamMobile to the U.S. today. The GlamMobile Publisher Platform for iPad and Mobile Devices gives advertisers the ability to reach the largest audience of women online, now on mobile devices. The network, which has been available to users in Japan, allows 1,500 publishers to optimize their sites for the mobile web and offers advertisers cross-platform reach for campaigns.

For advertisers, Glam is offering engaging ad formats on a variety of devices, including formats customized for the iPad without the use of Flash. For publishers, Glam is helping provide additional waysto connect with audiences on the go. Specifically, Glam sees the iPad as an opportunity to bring magazine-like glossy content to the device (a strategy that many online sites and magazines are taking).

The GlamMobile Publisher Platform includes specially formatted mobile sites for content partners, mobile apps for devices like the iPad and iPhone and GlamMobile Display Ads that are optimized for mobile devices and socials adds, using Glam’s Tinker to target social conversions via Facebook and Twitter.

It’s wise for Glam to try to make its publisher network cross platform with a mobile offering. It’s sure to draw even more traffic to Glam’s sites. Today, the Glam Vertical Network has more than 500,000 articles and posts, more than 100,000 videos and upwards of 20 million micro-blog posts.
Glam Media just raised $50 million in funding and announced EBITDA profitability on North American operations and break-even results globally for Q4 2009. The company is also rumoured to be gearing up for an IPO in the next 12 – 18 months.