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Glam Media opens London Int. headquarters, talks up global expansion

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[UK/US] Fresh on the heels of $50m of new investment, Glam Media is forging ahead with its global expansion, opening a new International headquarters in London.

The vertical media and advertising network’s new office will be headed up by Co-Founder & EVP, Glam Global Partners, Ernie Cicogna, who has relocated to London to take the position of General Manager, International.

At the heart of Glam’s global plans is to become the number one in the women’s lifestyle vertical, a position it already holds in the US, UK, Germany and Japan, claims the company. Globally, Glam Media is seeing 160 million unique visitors per month.

Its most recent expansion was to enter France, controversial because of the trademark claims to the ‘Glam’ brand being made by local player Glam One. Glam Media says that comScore already reports 2.5m monthly unique visitors in France.

Today also sees further shuffling of the Glam Media personnel pack: Joerg Dreyer becomes CFO, Bernard Desarnauts takes the newly created position of SVP, New Market Development, and Ueso Masato becomes CTO of Glam International.

In confident mood, the company says that Glam Media International is expected to generate revenue equal to and eventually greater than revenues from North America.

Most recently, the company launched its iPad-Friendly publishing platform GlamMobile in the US.

  • Arnaud Fischer

    Privately-held Glam One (, with offices in Paris, France, is the legal owner of the “glam” brand in France, as well as several French trademarks protecting the word “Glam” for products and services of classes 35, 38 and 41, including the French trademark “Glam” No. 3253547 registered with the French Intellectual Property office (INPI) on October 27th, 2003. Therefore any unauthorized commercial use of the word “Glam” for goods or services similar to those of classes 35, 38 or 41 constitutes trademark infringement and could lead to criminal prosecution.

    Glam One filed a lawsuit before the Paris Civil Court against Glam Media, due to Glam Media’s infringement on GlamOne’s prior rights on the word “Glam” in France for advertising services notably. GlamOne applied for an order to withdraw Glam Media’s French website and remedies. In addition, Glam One has also initiated opposition with the OHMI (Office des marques communautaires) to protect its anterior brand and will continue to block any attempt de register infringing trademarks.

    Glam One ( est l’unique propriétaire de la marque française « Glam » enregistrée à l’INPI le 27 octobre 2003 sous le No. 3253547 pour les produits et services des classes 35, 38 et 41.

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