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  • Gift Guide 2009: Gifts for the Technologically Impaired

    If you’re like me, you’ve got a fair number of family and friends who don’t quite share the same level of enthusiasm for technology as you. But the thought of buying someone a gift that wasn’t a gadget? Insanity. Pure insanity. In that spirit, here’s a list of products that ought to make easy-to-use gifts for the technologically ambivalent in your life. Read More

  • Review: AViiQ portable laptop stand

    My general opinion is that laptops were made for laps. But sometimes your lap just isn’t convenient for comfortable for a laptop. There is no shortage of laptop stands, shelves, and supports available for purchase, but few strike the sweet spot that the AViiQ portable laptop stand does. It’s super thin, super light, and folds up to consume a negligible amount of space, making it … Read More

  • iFixIt Announces Answers: Do Not Return Product to Store

    Our buddy Kyle at has just announced a beta version of iFixIt Answers, a collaborative repair community for gadgets. It might be a great resource for friends and family who can’t figure out how to work the TV remote. How does it work? You ask a question on Answers and then can follow as folks help out and answer your questions. This also creates a database of answers for… Read More

  • Bass in your face with the BassJump for MacBooks

    If there’s one thing I’ve always missed about MacBooks it’s the lack of gut-thumping bass. I mean the kind of bass that curdles your insides and causes them to blow out in a wet, pink slurry. I’m talking about bass that will make your parents come down into the basement and ask just what do you think you’re doing and then when they come down they’ll be all… Read More

  • This could be the ultimate HTPC controller

    This little controller is butt-ugly and crude, but I still want one really bad. Maybe Santa will bring me one. Read More

  • USB-powered mini Yoda figure

    Tokyo-based Cube Works, whose products regularly find their way outside Japan (example: the humping USB dog), has announced a mini Yoda figure (the little green guy from Star Wars) that you connect to your computer’s USB port. The power is needed to make Yoda’s cheeks blush and illuminate his light saber. Read More

  • Creative announces update to their Vado HD camcorder

    Creative just announced the 3rd generation of the Vado HD. If you remember correctly, Creative launched the original Vado HD back in December of last year, so it’s due for a refresh. Read More

  • iPhone Apps to keep you fit this Friday

    Go ahead and take that second helping of bacon-broasted mashed potatoes and high-fat gravy this Thursday, friends, because even if your tummy gets big and round like a steamed black bean bun, there’s an app for that. Fitness apps for all!
    iPhone fitness apps have come a long way since Nike+iPod. The addition of GPS opened entirely new vistas for running and biking enthusiasts and the… Read More

  • A collection of reasonably priced Xbox 360 games

    This is the worst time to be a gamer. Yeah, it’s great that so many good games have come out recently (take your pick from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Modern Warfare 2, Assassin’s Creed II, Left 4 Dead 2, etc.), but it’s pretty difficult to shell out $60+ every other day in the span of two weeks. Read More

  • A storm is brewing at Best Buy

    Here it comes: Best Buy ran a national Black Friday ad inviting the world to celebrate Thanksgiving and Eid Al-Adha, the Muslim festival of sacrifice. Fair enough, right? Happy Eid! Well, take a gander at the ad up there and brace yourself. Look closely. You’ll probably miss the good will and wishes, they’re so innocuous. Read More

  • Swedish watchmakers create a Void

    Not sure why you’d name your watch after something that doesn’t exist but the Swedes love them some existentialism. Void Watches V02 have two retrograde hands, one that shows the hours on one side and minutes on the other. It comes in four colors and uses a Japanese movement. Read More

  • Must-have: Illuminated JetBib Feeding System

    My son never really cared if his baby food was inbound on a plane or train. That doesn’t mean I won’t try the same trick on my daughter. Maybe this illuminated bib and airport spoon will complete the illusion and allow me to feed her therefore making me feel like an accomplished parent. Read More

  • Monday Giveaway: Viper SmartStart iPhone Kit, Brought to you by Gas Cubby

    Using the Gas Cubby iPhone app to increase your fuel economy and keep your vehicle properly maintained can save you money and help the environment… but, if you’ve learned anything from CrunchGear, it’s that saving money isn’t much fun unless you can blow it on something cool and completely over the top. Well, one lucky CrunchGear reader gets to have their cake and eat… Read More

  • Roku announces Roku Channel Store, adds Facebook and Pandora (and maybe porn!)

    Your Roku box just got a whole lot more interesting. Roku, if you remember, makes the Roku player, a small device that sits next to your TV and plays Netflix, Amazon Video, and MLB selections. Roku has just added ten new channels to that line-up and built a fascinating platform for adding more down the line. The current channels will include:, Facebook Photos, Flickr, FrameChannel… Read More

  • Sunday Giveaway: A Movie Wedge for you, a Movie Wedge for me!

    If you ever sit next to me on a plane you will notice that I have a small ritual that I prepare every time I reach cruising altitude. I begin by pulling out my iPod touch and then my Movie Wedge. The Movie Wedge is a little bean bag with a lip for holding up MP3 and video players. That’s it. It’s amazingly great. We talked about the Movie Wedge a while back and we’re happy… Read More

  • Saturday giveaway: Kodak 5250 all-in-one printer, just for you

    Good afternoon, readers! What does Santa have in his bag for you today? Interestingly enough, he was unable to bring his bag because this printer is far too big for it. We present, for your inspection, the Kodak 5250 all-in-one: a scanning, printing, faxing, photofinishing machine that can best the big boys in the printer race. Best of all, the 5250 has built-in WiFi so you can stick the… Read More

  • Review: Nyko Wand Action Pak

    Although only a few Wii games support the light gun interface, if you’re a heavy player you may want to look into getting the $39.99 Wand Action Pack if you’re planning on adding a controller to your line-up. This kit includes Nyko’s Wand Wiimote – essentially an exact clone of Nintendo’s product – along with a sleeve and gun attachment for light gun games. Read More

  • Review: Klipsch iGroove SXT Speaker System for iPhone and iPod

    Short Version: You want to listen to Fergie in the kitchen. Don’t worry, I understand. Fergie and cooking eggs just go together well. If you’ll be piping Fergie off an iPhone or iPod, you’ll probably want a compatible speaker system. Like anything in the audio world, the price tag on dedicated speaker systems for the iPhone or iPod can be surprisingly cheap ($30-40 bucks)… Read More

  • Gift Guide 2009: Peripherals

    [tab:Intro][flagallery gid=9 name=”CrunchGear Gift Guide 2009″] Peripherals, they say, are the spice of life. Well, maybe they don’t say that, but they do say it about variety, and peripherals add variety to your computing life. If you’re reading this on a stock HP desktop, clicking on links with the mouse that came with it, and trusting your data to that 512MB USB… Read More

  • Review: ReTrak Universal 90W Notebook Wall Charger

    Short Version: A universal notebook adapter with retractable cabling that extends to almost ten feet in length, comes with nine adapter tips, and features two USB charging ports. Read More

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