Review: Panasonic 360 Degree Quick Iron

This is an iron that promises to increase your ironing speed by up to 25% thanks to a symmetrical titanium soleplate, which allows you to iron forwards, backwards, left, and right with ease. It doesn’t make ironing any more exciting but with a street price of around $40, it’s a solidly-built and attractive iron if you’re in the market for one.


There are three versions currently available – I took the mid-range $50 (MSRP) NI-W750TS for a spin. The main feature of the iron is the titanium soleplate, which is shaped in such a way so as to allow for ironing in any direction with minimal friction.

I found it to work well going straight forwards and backwards, and left and right, although changing directions tended to cause a little bit of bunching on the clothes I ironed. Overall, though, it’s a much smoother ride than you’d get with a regular iron.

There’s also a vertical steaming function, which lets you steam a shirt or dress while it’s on a hanger – a nice touch if you just need to quickly de-wrinkle your outfit before work without pulling out the ironing board.

The iron itself looks dapper and feels solid. The outer casing and handle is made of a tough plastic and the titanium soleplate gives everything some nice heft. The plate juts out a little bit from the rest of the body, which makes it easy to see where you’re ironing.


Panasonic promises up to 25% faster ironing, which assumes that you’ll be able to efficiently iron a garment quickly using back and forth lines. If you iron a lot, you’ll probably find that you can iron more quickly with this thing, sure. If you’re like me and you avoid wearing pressed shirts, you’ll still fumble around with the iron until you remember what you’re doing.

All in all, it’s a solid iron with nice features for the price. Available from Panasonic for $50, or you can find it for around $40 elsewhere.

Product Page: NI-W750TS Iron