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Sunday Giveaway: Monster Miles Davis Headphone Pack

<img src="" />Boobledee ooh ooh woo woo ha lala! We're coming at you with a fancy Monster Miles Davis Headphone p

Review: Buckshot Controller for Wii

Short Version: Looking for a solidly-built gun accessory for the Wii? This is it right here. Looking for a gun controller accessory that grants you easy access to the D-pad, 1, 2, +, –, and Home but

The Final Commenting Day: The last step to winning a SMART Board

Finally. We’re done. All you have to do is comment on this post and, presumably, all the other posts in this series, and then you’ll be eligible to win a SMART Board for your home, office,

Review: Shutter Buddy

So we got a Shutter Buddy a few days ago and we gave it a try. What’s a Shutter Buddy, you ask? Well, it’s kind of a satellite dish looking thing that you attach to a point and shoot. It f

Disappointing Gifts, 1986 Edition: The Etch A Sketch Animator

Gather ‘round, kids. Gather ‘round. I’m going to tell you the story of a disappointing Christmas gift from back before many of you were born. With every blog on the internet doing year-end and b

Reviews: Crazy Japanese Kit Kats

For some reason JList sent me a box of Kit Kats. These aren’t just any Kit Kats. They’re Japanese Kit Kats. If the Japanese are good at anything, it’s making the familiar inexplicabl

Stocking Stuffer: PowerGenix NiZn rechargeable batteries

<img src="">There’s a fine line between giving regular batteries as a gift and giving rechargeable batteries as a gift. Giving someo

Stocking Stuffer: Kensington Travel Battery Pack and Charger

<img src="">The general idea behind most of Kensington's products seems to be to perform one main task and then follow up with one or t

Review and giveaway: Thirsty Light Snowflake

Short Version: Much like the original Thirsty Light, the Thirsty Light Snowflake is a single purpose gadget designed to tell you when your Christmas tree is thirsty. Drop the dongle into your tree&#82

Heated portable chair costs $120, makes being outside slightly less miserable

<img src="">If you've ever spent an extended period of time outside during the late fall or winter watching some sort of parade, sporting

USB to SATA 2.5-inch hard drive cable

<img src="">There's usually a lot of unnecessary foreplay that goes along with accessing an old hard drive just to pull a few fi

Thursday Giveaway: Pulse Smartpen

Man, am I sleepy! I almost didn’t post a giveaway for you all today! Maybe I won’t post the giveaway and maybe I’ll just go take a nap… what do you guys think? Nap? Or Pulse Smartp

Reminder: One more commenting day left to win the SMART Board!

<img src="" />This is your fourth official notification of requirement to comment to enter to win a <a HREF="

Giftable: Star Wars Republic Squadron motion flight game

If you have a kid that likes Star Wars – especially the Clone Wars cartoons – then here’s one of the only gifts you’ll need to buy. Of course, that’s totally false because if you have kids y

Review: Chinon AVi iPod dock with built-in digital TV tuner

Short Version: There’s a whole lot of convergence going on with the $200 Chinon AVi. You’ve got an iPod dock, 7-inch digital TV that doubles as an iPod video screen, music player, FM radio, and al

Reminder: Comment again to enter to win the SMART Board

<img src="" alt="reminder" title="reminder" width="460" height="511" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-128084" />This is your third

Review: Digital Foci Photo Book

Short version: The concept of the “digital photo frame” finally goes mobile with the Digital Foci Photo Book. Its sleek 8″ screen offers 800×600 resolution, supports a variety o

New 11.6-inch Acer Ferrari One notebook gets dual-core AMD

<img src="">Acer has updated its line of Ferrari-inspired notebooks with the newest Ferrari One model. This time around w

Giveaway: Gunnar Optiks MLG Legend Glasses

<img src="" alt="07-1204" title="07-1204" width="250" height="230" class="alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-128267" />Whether

Reminder: You can't win a SMART Board if you don't comment

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