The UltraMega Weekend Giveaway: $500 gift card from

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Good morning. We have a week until Christmas and we’ve been pounding out giveaways left and right. We’ve had Smart Pens, Olive Hi-Fis, and your own personal Ninja for a year (didn’t see that one? There’s a reason.) But today we’re here to announce the final big giveaway: a $500 gift card towards anything you want from the kind folks at

Here’s what’s up.

First, a bit about Lottay:

The Lottay online gift-giving and wish-list service helps individuals and groups give and receive better gifts. Lottay gifts are money, wrapped in the emotion of the occasion via e-greeting cards, personalized messages, images and pictures. Givers can specify the gift they would like the money to buy — from a cup of coffee to a Caribbean cruise and beyond — while receivers are free to use the money to buy the intended gift or anything else they want.

The gift is sent instantly and securely, delivered as a surprise via email and Facebook. Unlike gift cards and physical gifts, there are no hidden fees or shipping and handling charges with Lottay gifts. The entire experience is online, safe and secure thanks to PayPal. There is no cost to gift givers and recipients using the Lottay service.

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So what’s going to happen? Well, you’re going to head over to Lottay and make a wishlist. Put whatever you want into it. Down at the bottom of the page, over “Add Your Wish” will be a secret code. Cut and paste that into comments. Bingo. That’s it.

Good luck, happy holidays, and thanks for reading.