gift guide 2009

  • Review: LEGO Battles for the Nintendo DS

    I don’t get a bonerd for LEGOs like some people I know whose names start with a J and end with an S and work for a site that rhymes with shmimono, but I have fond memories of spending countless hours as a youth erecting LEGO fortresses and castles and whatever else my imagination could conjure up. It was always about smashing the other fortress and kicking some tiny LEGO ass, but that was… Read More

  • Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 (Wii) with MotionPlus

    Short Version: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 with the Wii MotionPlus accessory is the closest you can get to a true golf simulation for $60. The already-great series gets a nice boost this year with true one-to-one motion sensing, addictive online play, and a bevy of other new features that easily justify the purchase. Read More

  • Review and Giveaway: HP LX195 MediaSmart Home Server

    Short Version: The LX195 is great back-up solution for both PCs and Macs. It’s a tad overpriced and lacks expandability, but is still a solid Windows Home Server. Oh, and there’s a contest. Read More

  • Review: Maingear PC X-Cube 3D

    Boutique PC companies have it rough these days, unless they come up with something truly original or compelling, it’s extremely difficult to fight against the bargain brands. However, for those willing to spend a few extra dollars, some amazing machines are out there. One such brand is MainGear PC, one of the relative newcomers to the game. Maingear recently sent us one of their X-Cube… Read More

  • Hands-on: Chrome Corsair and Vega utility bags

    We jumped on the chance to take a look at two of Chrome’s newest bags: the Corsair and Vega. As Peter Ha told me, Chrome is one of the last true makers of messenger bags. He is rarely right about anything, but this time he was dead-on. These bags are rad. Read More

  • Review: JBL Roxy reference 430 & 250 headphones

    “Aww, those are so cute!” says my wife as I took the new JBL Roxy headphones out of the shipping box. Me? I could not care less how my gadgets look, as long as they work well. But my wife instantly reminded me that looks are more important to some, so I came up with the idea to send the headphones to high school with my little sister-in-law for some teenager hands-on. Read More

  • Review: Kindle DX

    Another month, another version of the Kindle. I’ve been using a Kindle since it was shaped like a very thin doorstop and I’m delighted each time I see a new version. The latest version is the DX, a monstrous 9-inch version of the smaller Kindle 2 that supports direct PDF reading without conversion. Why am I interested in the Kindle? Well, I already have a first-gen Kindle so… Read More

  • Review: Klipsch Image S4 headphones

    Several months ago, CrunchGear reviewed Klipsch’s X5 headphones, which I pronounced the best in-ear headphones I’d ever used. Unfortunately, they cost $250, which kind of puts them out of reach for most people (it would for me if I hadn’t been lucky enough to review them). But now Klipsch has expanded the Image line down to the sub-$100 level and I’ve been testing out… Read More

  • Review: Jabra SP200 Bluetooth speakerphone

    Short version: The Jabra SP200 is huge Bluetooth speakerphone with extra large controls and extra loud volume. Read More

  • Quick Review: Nesoid NES Emulator for Android

    I’m a big fan of the T-Mobile G1 but to say that the selection of quality games from the Android Market has been underwhelming (at best) would be sugar-coating it. Luckily none of that really matters any more, as Android finally has a decent NES emulator. Read More

  • 'Moto Horn' is not a new Motorola phone — it's much, much, much cooler

    Of all the times I’ve longed to go back to 1987, this might be one of the stronger nostalgiac chin-quivers I’ve felt in quite some time. I’d totally bring this Moto Horn back in my time machine and haul ass through the neighborhood on my Huffy, giving each passerby a quick shot of sweet motorcycle revving sound effects eminating from my handlebards. I’d be treated to… Read More

  • Review: QuikPod Pro camera extension arm

    The QuikPod is an easy-to-use extension arm that is designed to let you take your own photo in front of sites you’re seeing. Rather than stick out your arm, and look like a goofball trying to encompass you standing in front of the majesty that is the Grand Canyon, or try to find some suitably flat surface on which to rest your camera, or God forbid ask a stranger to take your photo, you… Read More

  • Review: Radius Atomic Bass Earphones

    Call me a snob for liking my $150+ Ultimate Ears, Shure and Etymotic earphones, but they sound fantastic and fit perfectly. Oh, uh, excuse me while I remove the egg off my face. I’d never heard of Radius until I received a pair of Atomic Bass earphones a couple weeks back. I figured a pair of $40 earphones would sound like a $40 pair, but no, I was wrong. I don’t particular think… Read More

  • Review: Flip UltraHD camcorder

    Short Version: Joining the ranks of the Flip family, the UltraHD is one of the easiest-to-use digital camcorders on the market. This version features 8GB of storage, high-definition video capture, the ability to use an included rechargeable battery pack or off-the-shelf AA batteries, and HDMI output. At $200, though, it’s pretty expensive considering its feature set. Read More

  • Review: Innergie mCube90 Universal Adapter

    Short Version: A thoughtful universal power adapter that can charge your laptop and a USB-powered device simultaneously, the Innergie mCube90 features a tiny secondary DC adapter that detaches from the main adapter for use in cars and airplanes. Read More

  • Review: Kodak Zx1

    Tell yer ma and tell yer pa if they need a little, handheld video camera for taking high quality shots of the cousins messing around in the yard, then the miniature Kodak Zx1 is for them. Read More

  • Two Minute Review: Ford GT40 Series Car Mouse

    The Ford GT40 Series Car Mouse from is a $50 wireless mouse stuffed in a replica Ford GT. This is definitely a mouse for car lovers and there’s apparently quite a market for car mice, as offers about a skillion different models of wired and wireless mice that look just like real-life cars. Read More

  • Review: Maximo iM-590 headphones

    Short Version: A great set of high-quality headphones at a reasonable price, Maximo’s $60 iM-590 “iMetal Isolation Earphones” strike a nice balance between features and affordability. Read More

  • Review: PPC locking HDMI cable

    Quickie: An HDMI cable that snaps into place and cannot be pulled out without pressing the little lock. It works. Read More

  • Review: Moxi HD DVR

    Think of the Moxi HD as a hot, new Hollywood actress. She might have the look and desire to be the next big thing, but she just doesn’t have the goods to hang with the real starlets. That’s the Moxi HD DVR. It looks amazing, but the core functionality isn’t as good as other options and it fails to offer anything significant in comparison. Read More