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Share Creators wants to solve asset management mess for game developers

Finding a product-market fit isn’t always easy, but when you are the end-user experiencing a real pain point, the solution might be more obvious. That’s the case for newly funded Share Cre

GDevelop wants to make game development accessible

GDevelop is a game engine that lets you develop a video game without any specific development experience. While the “no-code” trend has been quite popular this year, GDevelop has been arou

What Netflix’s move into gaming means for developers

Netflix’s audience of over 209 million subscribers translates into a lot of free marketing impressions and low player acquisition costs, giving it an advantage over small studios and independent dev

How Thor Fridriksson’s ‘Trivia Royale’ earned 2.5M downloads in 3 weeks

In its first few weeks of release, the latest game from QuizUp founder Thor Fridriksson took the top spot in the Games Section of Apple’s App Store and was the top app (for a brief time) in the

Voxels are in vogue among indie developers

It's hip to be square — well, cubical, really. That's the feeling I got from the amount of voxel-based offerings on the show floor at PAX West — and these 3D pixels fit the bill whether they're po

AWS Announces New Set Of Integrated Services Aimed At Game Developers

AWS made several announcements today aimed squarely at moving the game developer community to its cloud platform. First of all, there’s Amazon Lumberyard, a 3D gaming development engine the co

How This Teen Turned Her High School Internship Into A Game Design Career

Paulina Raguimov never expected to get paid to make video games when she walked into her high school's career fair at 16.

PlayFab Raises $2.5M For Its Gaming Backend Service

Nowadays, most studios building games for mobile, PC, or consoles are actually building services: there are servers where gamers play together, leaderboards, in-app purchases to process, inventories t

What Games Are: The Win Imperative

Many readers will be familiar with the idea that games and reward go together. Yet reward by itself isn't rewarding. The reason is that it's not the reward that's interesting, but rather what it signi

A Guide For Mobile Game Developers To Survive The Holiday Season Rush

<b>Editor's note:</b> <em>Nate Barker is publisher relations manager and Jamie Evans is advertising account manager at <a target="_blank" href="">Chartboost</a>.</em> Here ar

Y Combinator Alum MakeGamesWithUs Wants To Turn High School Kids Into iPhone Game Developers

<a target="_blank" href="">MakeGamesWithUs</a> is a new iOS game publishing company with a twist: its focus is on helping high school and college students to build games. MakeG

Wonderfl: online live Flash code wrangling service

<img src="" />I'm no coder, but this sure looks like a useful tool for people interested not just in making Flash games and applicati

Microsoft getting into user-created games for Xbox

Not content to let initiatives like Nintendo’s WiiWare and Sony’s PlayStation Network hog all the user-created glory, Microsoft has recently unveiled its “Community Games” proj