LG says its flagship G6 smartphone isn’t selling as well as expected

LG’s mobile business is in a sticky patch after the company admitted its flagship LG G6 smartphone hasn’t sold as well as expected. LG Electronics itself posted a business-wide operating i

The LG G6 has a built-in Frontback feature

LG proves that taller screens are the future of smartphones

Bigger screens don’t cut it anymore. Now, we need taller screens. I’ve been playing with the LG G6 for the past 24 hours. In many ways, it is just another phone. But the company is trying somethin

Watch LG unveil the G6 live right here

LG’s press conference at MWC in Barcelona is today. The conference starts at 12 PM CET (11 AM GMT, 6 AM EST). Rumor has it that LG is about to announce a new flagship phone, the LG G6. This time, it

The LG G6 has a hidden face, and it’s impossible to unsee

Images of the LG G6 leaked today and overall it looks like a solid phone with soft lines, very little bezel and a face on the backside made up of the dual lenses and power button. It looks surprised

LG reveals even more details about the G6 ahead of launch

LG is doing a downright terrible job keeping the lid on the G6 ahead of its launch at Mobile World Congress in a couple of weeks. Numerous leaks involving the handset have popped up recently, and toda

More info leaks out ahead of LG’s G6 launch

LG hasn’t been doing a great job keeping a tight lid on the G6. But, then, who can blame them? The company needs a hit on the heels of a hefty Q4 loss, chalking the dire financials up to “weak

LG abandons its modular ambitions in G6 smartphone leak

CES was, predictably, all about TVs, appliances and the odd the gadget (flying speakers, helper robots) for LG. There was even a few phones, but the company was clearly waiting a few months for Mobile