The LG G6 has a built-in Frontback feature

Oh boy, I miss Frontback. The mobile app created an interesting photo format with two square-ish pictures to share what you have in front of you and a selfie. While you can still download the app, it’s been stagnant for a few years. But LG implemented a Frontback feature into the new G6 called “Match Shot.”

The big new feature of LG’s phone is the taller display. The company has replaced the 16:9 display by a 2:1 display. It’s exactly two squares on top of each other.

LG wanted to showcase what you could do with this different screen format. So there’s a new Square Camera app. For instance, you can take a square photo and preview it instantly in full size below the viewfinder. This is great if you want to make sure that you got the perfect Instagram shot.

But I’m even more interested by the Match Shot feature. With this mode, you take a selfie, and you take a photo of what you’re looking at. It’s two perfect squares on top of each other. It’s basically Frontback.

On the one hand, I’m so excited to have a sort of Frontback feature on a phone again. On the other hand, it says something about new media formats.

Many startups have tried to create a new format, from Vine to Mindie, Frontback and more. But is it enough to build a startup around it? In many cases, formats can be interesting but it’s difficult to turn them into a business. Only Instagram and Snapchat have become sustainable. Countless of others have failed.

And then they end up on a Korean phone…