LG abandons its modular ambitions in G6 smartphone leak

CES was, predictably, all about TVs, appliances and the odd the gadget (flying speakers, helper robots) for LG. There was even a few phones, but the company was clearly waiting a few months for Mobile World Congress – or at very least, a few weeks for the obligatory pre-MWC product shot leak — to debut a new flagship.

The Verge has seemingly gotten its hands on one cloaked-in-darkness shot of what it’s reporting to be the G6, a 5.7-inch handset that has ditched the modular ambitions of its predecessor, the G5 —  a fact the company touched on earlier this month at CES. Understandably so – the gamble didn’t pay off for LG, and was soon eclipsed by Motorola’s much more fully realized take with the Moto Z.

There’s not a ton of information to be had about the internals of the device, but this is LG’s new Android flagship, so the company will probably come with guns blazing. After all, it needs a big win to maintain relevance in the ever more competitive smartphone market.

The handset is set to sport a 2:1 aspect ratio and an all glass and metal design, coupled with dual rear-facing cameras and a fingerprint sensor in the center-back. It’s set for a February 26 unveiling at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and we’ll be there to take some more well-lit photos.