LG reveals even more details about the G6 ahead of launch

LG is doing a downright terrible job keeping the lid on the G6 ahead of its launch at Mobile World Congress in a couple of weeks. Numerous leaks involving the handset have popped up recently, and today the company just went ahead and offered up a whole slew of information through its official channels — confirming a number of reports and adding some new insight into what the handset will offer up.

A press release out of Seoul this morning confirmed a few key hardware specs for the upcoming flagship — namely the 5.7-inch 2,880 x 1,440 display that stretches nearly edge to edge, monopolizing most of the front of the phone with an 18:9 inch aspect ratio. The company’s calling the nearly bezel-free screen “FullVision.”


The phone’s interface — UX 6.0 — is apparently designed specifically with that form factor in mind. The company is no doubt waiting until MWC to offer up a more fully formed looked at the experience, but some of the features include a GUI designed to serve up two square windows side-by-side — not a new feature for mobile devices by any means, but one that should work better on a larger, almost edge-to-edge screen. The functionality is designed to bring multi-tasking to the product — long considered a pain point with mobile devices.

The camera UX is being updated, as well, using the aforementioned side-by-side functionality to get a live view and preview images next to one another. The format is apparently best suited for square images — the sort users upload to Instagram and other social media, rather than the standard rectangular portrait shots.

And for good measure, there’s also a “Food Mode,” which apparently has the ideal settings for people Instagramming their lunch — an activity I’m not sure we ought to be encouraging.

The phone will be unveiled in its entirety on February 26 — though with LG looking to build some hype after stumbling a few times on the mobile front, don’t be surprised if the company can’t keep its leaks under control in the coming weeks.