• Crunch Report | GoPro Releases The Hero 6 Black

    The GoPro Hero 6 and Fusion 360 camera are released, IKEA buys Instacart and Aston Martin is building a submarine. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • AMD Adds USB 3.0 To Fusion APUs

    AMD will add USB 3.0 to its AMD Fusion line of APUs. Huzzah! That makes AMD the first chipmaker to support the interface (though it’s been available in higher end motherboards from the likes of Asus and Gigabyte for about a year now). Yes, yes, Intel invented the spec, but its newfangled Thunderbolt interface seems to be getting all the love. Why would you bother with USB 3.0, then? Read More

  • Fusion CA-IP500: The iPod-ready car stereo (with no messy wires)

    This is the Fusion Electronics CA-IP500. It’s an aftermarket car stereo that has a slot for your iPod. That is, you open the radio, slide in your iPod, and then listen to your iPod’s contents to your heart’s content. Why bother with such a device when you can accomplish the same thing with a $10 tape adapter? Because tape adapters leave unseemly wires hanging about. You… Read More

  • Run AMD's Fusion utility on any processor

    Although we were a little underwhelmed at what Fusion actually turned out to be (it got a lot of hype), the good news is that it’s helpful anyway, and it’s not bound to hardware. AMD doesn’t want you to do this of course, and the usual caveats of “at your own risk, etc” apply, but there is a way to make Fusion work on your Intel or (I should think) even VIA processor. Read More

  • CA-IP500: The in-dash iPod dock for cars

    Apple introduced the iPod in 2001. That means it took seven years for someone, here, Fusion, to make an aftermarket in-car dealie (“radio”) with a built-in iPod dock. Wake up, people! The CA-IP1500, Fusion claims, is the first iPod dock that works inside a car’s head unit. Then you’d be able to control the iPod by using the knobs and dials on the front. It sounds… Read More

  • Mac Fusion: The new Mac Mini? Or escapee from Fake City, USA?

    Another day, another blurry screen shot of Apple promotional material featuring a product that might or might not exist in the very, very near future. This one’s the Mac Fusion, apparently a no-frills tiny box aimed at developers. It has a form factor of a Mac Mini cut down to about half the height. While this certain looks like it could be real, Photoshoppers are getting good. Read More

  • Phantom Night In NYC

    I was lucky enough to attend the unveiling of the new Gillette Fusion Power Phantom a couple weeks back in NYC and it was hot. Katherine McPhee from American Idol was there and I finally got to play the PS3 (what a letdown). Oh. And they have razors. Five blades and micro-pulses are the only way to shave. Now, wrapped in black. What we won’t do to look at young women with… Read More

  • Maxtor Fusion Drive: First Impressions

    I’m just getting around to opening the Maxtor Fusion drive we received this week and I can honestly say that it’s an incredible device. It’s the perfect mix between media server and network storage device and despite its staid exterior it’s definitely a home and small office winner. I’ll be doing an in-depth review next week, but here are some first impressions: Read More