Original Content podcast: We’re happy to visit ‘Murder Mountain’

Among true crime shows, “Murder Mountain” clearly has the best title. It’s memorable, mysterious and alliterative — it was a real struggle not to just say “Murderrrrrrr Mountainnnnnnn” throughout this whole episode of the Original Content podcast, where we review the show.

“Murder Mountain” (the local nickname for the town of Alderpoint) tells the story of marijuana growers in California’s Humboldt County — and as the title suggests, it portrays a largely lawless and violent world, using one murder as its starting point, then following the story as it leads to one violent confrontation after another.

At the same time, the show (produced by Fusion and now streaming on Netflix) offers plenty of historical context around the hippie beginnings of pot-growing in Humboldt, and what marijuana legalization means for small growers. And it’s beautifully shot, with compelling reenactments of key moments.

We also discuss Anthony’s lukewarm review of “Captain Marvel” and a recent sneak peek at HBO’s upcoming Theranos documentary “The Inventor.”

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