Fullscreen acquires influencer marketing startup Reelio

Digital media company Fullscreen announced this morning that it has acquired Reelio . The startup has described itself as “the Match.com of brands and creators on YouTube,” collecting data

Fullscreen’s new streaming service aims to be the MTV for the YouTube generation

It’s not exactly a Netflix or YouTube rival, but AT&T-backed Fullscreen is hoping to carve out its own niche in the now-crowded subscription video market with its new service, launched this

Fullscreen targets the YouTube generation with new streaming service launching in April

Fullscreen, a media company whose creators’ videos reach 600 million subscribers across YouTube and other social networks, today announced the launch date and details regarding its subscription

Fullscreen Announces Its Own Streaming Service Targeting The YouTube Generation

Confirming reports from last spring, YouTube multichannel network Fullscreen announced today its plans to launch its own streaming service aimed at an audience who grew up using mobile devices. The n

With 3B Views A Month, Fullscreen Hires A CRO And Content Head To Explore New Revenue Opportunities

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.fullscreen.net">Fullscreen</a> is one of the top multichannel networks on YouTube today, with more than 3 billion video views per month. But there's always more it

Fullscreen Gives Creators VIP Benefits On Third-Party Services With ‘Sign-In With Fullscreen’ Button

YouTube network Fullscreen is always looking for ways that it can help its large network of creators improve their videos. With the launch of its Fullscreen Creator Platform earlier this year, it unlo

YouTube Network Fullscreen Launches Channel+ To Boost Audiences For Brands And Advertisers

There's an ever-growing number of video creators and publishers who are looking to reach viewers on YouTube. But they're not the only ones: increasingly, advertisers are using the video platform as a

Fullscreen Gives Video Creators The Tools To Collaborate And Make More Money On YouTube

Fullscreen is one of the newer multichannel networks to appear on YouTube, and unlike some others, it's focused on providing technology tools for its creators to understand their audience and better m

Get Ready For TechCrunch TV’s Tour Of The New Hollywood, Starting Next Week

Over the last several years, we've seen a new group of digital media companies emerge in Los Angeles, driven by the growth of YouTube as a platform for distribution of video content. On Mondays and We

The Art And Science Of YouTube Networks

Over the last several years, we've seen a growing proliferation of multichannel networks (MCNs) pop up on YouTube, all of which are seeking to aggregate channels and audience in an effort to boost vie

YouTube Network Fullscreen Launches Platform To Help Creators Track And Grow Their Audiences

Some YouTube networks are designed to provide production help to their creators or connect them to others that they can collaborate with on videos. Then there's <a target="_blank" href="http://fullscr

With More Than 2.5B Monthly Video Views, Fullscreen Closes Funding From Chernin Group, Comcast, And WPP

Online multichannel network <a target="_blank" href="http://www.fullscreen.net">Fullscreen</a> has become the latest in a series of YouTube partners to raise funding. The company has officially closed