Fullscreen Gives Video Creators The Tools To Collaborate And Make More Money On YouTube

Fullscreen is one of the newer multichannel networks to appear on YouTube, and, unlike some others, it’s focused on providing technology tools for its creators to understand their audience and better monetize their videos. As part of our TechCrunch TV tour of new media companies in Los Angeles, we stopped by Fullscreen to get a demo of its platform and learn more about how it’s helping creators.

Fullscreen CEO George Strompolos, who previously had been part of the partner development team at YouTube, told us that he founded the startup with the vision of creating a global media company in partnership with thousands of creators all around the world. But in order to build the video network of the future, the company would have to build technology tools to help creators achieve their goals.

The most recent incarnation of that is the Fullscreen Creator Platform, which it launched earlier this month to give creators a better way to understand their audience, while also providing better monetization tools. The goal is to help increase the chances of success for those creators on its network.

That’s worked for some of the creators we spoke with, including Andre Meadows, founder of the channel “Black Nerd Comedy.” Meadows says he’s a “one-man band,” doing filming and editing all by himself. But Fullscreen has helped him move beyond hobby status to actually make a business out of his videos.

Check out the video above for a demo of the Fullscreen platform and my talk with Strompolos to learn more about what Fullscreen has to offer. And keep coming back every Monday and Wednesday over the next several weeks to learn more about other new video companies that have emerged. Or check out the other videos we’ve shot around this new YouTube economy: